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Asking Why

From each of us here at In The Old Corps to each of you, please have a joy-filled and safe celebration of the new year. Recapping 2017 proved easy. There were only 2 news stories this year: at any moment … Weiterlesen

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Looking around

Blogging here at intheoldcorps and previously at OPFOR is fun and engaging. We blog about VMI, the military and society in general, and specialize in outrages. What one notices going through the posts is just how cyclic the outrages are. … Weiterlesen

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Trip Report through the Southwest

Thank you for your patience with my absence. I enjoyed my first non-working vacation visiting Santa Fe, Patagonia, and the Mojave between Palm Springs and 29er Palms. No itinerary beyond moving around and seeing the people and places and trying … Weiterlesen

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Happy Easter to All!

From all of us here at ITOC.  

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Rogue 1: a Battle Study

This battle study is brilliant!

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Ghost Stories

Practically the only ghosts at VMI are First Classmen in good standing and with a full tank of gas. Because VMI’s history as an armory, and as a source of military personnel – some of whom were killed in action … Weiterlesen

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Tanks for Sale

YES! Clearance sale by the Normandy Tank Museum, which is, sadly, closing its doors (hatches?). And more than just tanks, in fact all sorts of vehicles, including a 1943 Harley in US Navy livery. That’s pretty neat. How did the … Weiterlesen

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Gunday Sunday: Transformation Hunting, Barbary Sheep in New Mexico

There I was with only two weekends left on my tag.  I’d just changed assignments and had come out of NTC as an OC/T 1 February.  I’d been pretty beaten up, was starting to rebuild my body so that I … Weiterlesen

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Thursday Theater: March or Die

Anyone remember the great old film from the late 70s, „March or Die“? I remember it well, my father took me one saturday to see it. At that point in my life I was not fully capable of appreciating the … Weiterlesen

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Op-Ed on UCMJ and Sexual Conduct

URR sent this last night during a mutual exchange of Flashman Day greetings. (And that’s not a euphemism, either.) Why would the UCMJ ban threesomes, or all group sex for that matter? How is doggy-style or cowgirl (including reverse) less … Weiterlesen

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