Monatsarchiv: August 2016

2/3 of the Way through the Crazy Year

While Obama continues his war on local law and order, funded by Progressive Sugar Daddy George Soros, Bad Vlad Putin is taking care of his peoples‘ business. If Russia takes Alaskan oil fields, and given Obama’s record on Iran, Syria, … Weiterlesen

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Whose God?

In an earlier post, Slater raised the issue of integrity in the recent cashiering of MG Haight. One comment went so far as to push the canard that a person who cheats on their spouse can’t be trusted to lead … Weiterlesen

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Gun-Day Monday: A Little More Artillery Fun

Them Oh-Fives are fun to shoot, no matter what the model. Is it just me or does this section, despite the high-fives and hoo-ahs, look a little awkward?

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Gun-Day Sunday: A Holster and a Good Cause

G-Tex from CivDiv Designs, of whom we have spoken before, informs me that not only has he cleared the backlog of orders but that he has a great deal going on– CIV DIV Designs is offering a special promotion through … Weiterlesen

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It *IS* Better to Give than to Receive…

Especially when speaking of artillery fire. Not pleasant. We’ve been accustomed giving and not receiving. We might want to reacquaint ourselves with the art of digging. (Thanks to WRSA.)

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Throwdown Thursday: Gunfight at the Jonesboro Gas Station

I’ve seen this in two (2) different venues; one of them names the location as Atlanta (you don’t say!) and the other as Jonesboro, reportedly a suburb of Atlanta. For the Armed Citizen, the student of guns and gunfights, this … Weiterlesen

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Senior Leaders Just can’t seem to keep their Compact with the Army…

Maybe it’s old news, but I just found out about MG David Haight being a Swinger.  I do truly enjoy the highlighted fact of the Ranger Tab in the Army Times article, as if that means he should be better. … Weiterlesen

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