Monatsarchiv: Januar 2016

What, A Thaw??

Yep. Combination of warm temps and lots of snow today had me out on the trail to enjoy it before it disappears in the next few days. Thanks to MDL I got a bag full of waxes for all conditions. … Weiterlesen

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Overdue Thank-You

I owe an overdue thanks to LT, a long-time Op-For and ITOC reader, a fellow FPF Training alum, USCG vet, and all-around patriot. He sent me one of these last week, and I am deeply grateful. Neat piece of gear! … Weiterlesen

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Report on the National Commission on the Future of the Army.

I had a chance to review the Report of the National Commission. NCFA_Full Final Report_0-2 The panel was headed Retired General Carter Ham and Mr. Tom Lamont former Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.  I know … Weiterlesen

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Swedes Lead, Finns Follow

I like this trend: Finland is the latest country to announce plans to boot out migrants, with plans to send 20,000 packing. The Finnish government is set to deport two thirds of the 32,000 asylum seekers it received last year … Weiterlesen

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Re The Admiral in Charge of Intel, Who’s Not Allowed to See That Intel

This cropped up yesterday, and has gone through new sites and blogs– „The admiral in charge of Navy intelligence has not been allowed to see military secrets for years.“ That’s been an open secret inside the Pentagon for a long … Weiterlesen

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Well, „Det är en bra start!“

Well, it’s a good start! At least a step in the right direction. But they should accelerate the timeline. So as to show the way forward to the other Euros. Not sure how „THROW THEM THE FUCK OUT“ translates, but … Weiterlesen

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This Day in History: The Rescue of BG James Dozier, USA

Thanks to Survival Blog, we remember that today in 1982, an Italian force (from the Carabinieri, I think), rescued the kidnapped American General James Dozier from the Red Brigades terrorist group. The whole episode is interesting: In the first case, … Weiterlesen

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