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Living with Pigs

I had a good vacation, the first since 2002. Two weeks of no computer, news feeds, and work intruding. I liked it so much I’m doing it again next month around Thanksgiving. You’re welcome! The title doesn’t refer to riding … Weiterlesen

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Stray Voltage: Urban Warfare and the VA

Austin Bay looks at urban warfare in his post on “Mosul and Urban Warfare.” Blogging lesson learned: if one wishes to blog about a tweetstorm, either post right away or use screen captures. Mr. X tweetstormed an interesting take on … Weiterlesen

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„Soldiers in the hands of an angry government“

Rebekah Sanderlin offers her thoughts from 2013 on this next Memorial Day. While SMA Dailey is concerned about uniforms, the costs of which will be born by military dependents . Interesting how everything cycles, but the Army never gets beyond bitterly … Weiterlesen

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When you get overpaid, you pay it back

When 10,000 Soldiers get overpaid while in the National Guard because the Pentagon and the NGB made a mistake.  Why should they have to pay it back.  We all remember during the height of the war how the bonuses were … Weiterlesen

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Senior Leaders Just can’t seem to keep their Compact with the Army…

Maybe it’s old news, but I just found out about MG David Haight being a Swinger.  I do truly enjoy the highlighted fact of the Ranger Tab in the Army Times article, as if that means he should be better. … Weiterlesen

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No Words Necessary

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Oldest U S Army Woman Veteran Dies

I always read the obituaries of veterans who die.  I started that tradition reading the Veterans Obits in the Daily Telegraph I have started doing it in the Washington Post.  Today I came across the Obituary of LTC (RET) Luta … Weiterlesen

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One Lone WWII Vet Gets the Funeral He Deserves

A magnificent story in the WaPo about one lone, quiet WWII vet who lived and died in obscurity, and was given the send-off he deserved. Andrew Moore lived alone and died alone. He was raised in an orphanage, never married … Weiterlesen

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Over at Tom Rick’s is an article from September 2014 disputing the rumor that Military Working Dogs have been left in either Iraq or Afghanistan.  This quote makes it clear what the policy is: “These dogs are treated like Marines. … Weiterlesen

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„I no longer trust them to fix me when I’m broken“

A heart-breaking and infuriating article in USA Today on gross misconduct in the VA medical system. (And thanks to USMC0802 for sending it in.) When Purifoy, 65, originally complained of severe pain after radiation therapy damaged the bone under his … Weiterlesen

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