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The Navy Breaks With Tradition

I never have understood Naval Enlisted Ranks, apparently I shan’t to ever worry about that again.  In apparent break with 200 years of tradition the U. S. Navy is going to change it Enlisted Rank System.  Next thing you know … Weiterlesen

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More Detail on the Navy’s Surface Combatant Woes

A little follow-up to Tango Seven-Six’s previous post on the Navy’s glaring problems with its newer classes of ships. Yes, it’s an opinion piece but it contains details that help to illuminate what’s going on. These new classes of ships … Weiterlesen

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This Will Drive the Sergeants Major Bat Shit Crazy

Over at Army Times. „The new rules provide several options for local commanders. Here’s what’s now allowed: In garrison Sleeves down. Sleeves rolled with the camo facing out. Sleeves rolled with the camo facing in. In the field or deployed … Weiterlesen

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Infuriating: Sailors Refuse to Stand for National Anthem

Sad, but true. The anti-anthem protest movement spawned by San Francisco 49s Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is now spreading beyond the sports world and into such unlikely corners as the U.S. military. A report on says two U.S. service members … Weiterlesen

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Soldier’s Soldier to be Named Honorary Sergeant Major of the Army

I saw this today and was in tears of awe.  Lieutenant General David Grange Jr. to be name this years Honorary Sergeant Major of the Army.  General Grange commanded the 2nd Infantry Division when I was a Lieutenant.  He was … Weiterlesen

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GunDay Sunday: Dove Season

This is my first and probably last season hunting the Rio Grande for Dove.  And yipers was it hot.  An NCO I work with had asked if I wanted to go.  We have not had the chance to go together … Weiterlesen

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Gun-Day Sunday: VMI Men and Women Beat Citadel in Rifle Competition

Although I’m not a big follower of VMI athletics, or any other athletics for that matter, this is too good not to pass on– Congrats to VMI Men’s Rifle team defeating Citadel mixed team 4479 to 4459 and VMI Women’s … Weiterlesen

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„Worth a Visit by Every Cadet!“

Natural Bridge– known to generations of cadets as being worth the visit (and it is!)– has changed hands from private to state ownership, and will be a state park. Might re-visit next time I’m there… SPEAKING OF THE NEXT TIME … Weiterlesen

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The Military and Politics Do Not Mix

Military Times has an interesting article regarding which political party active duty military support.  While the survey numbers mildly interesting and based on other polling data are not surprising, what bothers me is that those in uniform are considered a … Weiterlesen

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Thoughts on VMI’s Honor Code

Keydets shall not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. Sounds rather straightforward and to most folks that is enough to know a Keydet is an honest and therefore honorable person. In watching a review of Arcadia Films’s examination … Weiterlesen

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