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Happy Camerone Day!

Happy Camerone Day to all, it being the New Market Day of the French Foreign Legion (so to speak) and a damn good story too, which has the great benefit of being true. Captain Jean Danjou lost his left hand … Weiterlesen

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VMI Takes Command in the Horn of Africa

Good news– BGen Dave Furness ’87 has taken command of CJTF-HOA. That’s a rough neighborhood; good to have the right man at the helm!  

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Hawaii Under the Gun?

Yes. Alaska too, I believe. Stand by for high winds and heavy seas. I certainly hope this does not go catastrophic, but I earnestly hope and desire that this country and her allies can de-fang the rogue state of North Korea. … Weiterlesen

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Cultural Enrichment?

NO. Strip the bint of her licenses to practice medicine and deport her. No more of this filth.

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Heart-Warming Story out of Iraq: Wild Hogs Kill ISIS Fighters

Does it get any better?? Only with beer!

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VMI One-Stars at Capstone

By way of my BR, Brigadier General Paul Pardew ’89 (who’s on the right), we have VMI’s contingent at CAPSTONE: L –> R, it’s BG Tom Pugh ’90, BGen Steve Neary ’88, George Foresman ’84, and Brother Rat BG Pardew … Weiterlesen

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Ethics and Morals and America’s Officer Corps

Many posts here on InTheOldCorps and on its predecessor OPFOR, are outrage-posts. Outrage usually at the stark, abysmal absence of what is considered an acceptable morality displayed by military service-members, especially flag officers. If one only read the news or our … Weiterlesen

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Sixty Three Years Young

The C130 and I are the same age; unlike this old fool, it is staying young at heart and learning new tricks.  It ain’t pretty, it is slow, but you know it is going to get you there. . .even … Weiterlesen

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So what will it be, Marines?

In a previous post on the ethical dilemmas of the Air Force and the Marine Corps, and other posts concerning Army and Navy Flag Officers, I didn’t explain the core of the problem. Problems such as abuse of power, evident … Weiterlesen

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Should the former Admiral be keelhauled?  Like the Officer in another service (I refuse to further acknowledge the service he served in as he dishonor the service all whom have worn it uniform since its founding at Tun’s Tavern) who … Weiterlesen

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