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Happy Camerone Day!

Happy Camerone Day to all, it being the New Market Day of the French Foreign Legion (so to speak) and a damn good story too, which has the great benefit of being true. Captain Jean Danjou lost his left hand … Weiterlesen

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VMI Takes Command in the Horn of Africa

Good news– BGen Dave Furness ’87 has taken command of CJTF-HOA. That’s a rough neighborhood; good to have the right man at the helm!  

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Hawaii Under the Gun?

Yes. Alaska too, I believe. Stand by for high winds and heavy seas. I certainly hope this does not go catastrophic, but I earnestly hope and desire that this country and her allies can de-fang the rogue state of North Korea. … Weiterlesen

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Cultural Enrichment?

NO. Strip the bint of her licenses to practice medicine and deport her. No more of this filth.

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Heart-Warming Story out of Iraq: Wild Hogs Kill ISIS Fighters

Does it get any better?? Only with beer!

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VMI One-Stars at Capstone

By way of my BR, Brigadier General Paul Pardew ’89 (who’s on the right), we have VMI’s contingent at CAPSTONE: L –> R, it’s BG Tom Pugh ’90, BGen Steve Neary ’88, George Foresman ’84, and Brother Rat BG Pardew … Weiterlesen

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Ethics and Morals and America’s Officer Corps

Many posts here on InTheOldCorps and on its predecessor OPFOR, are outrage-posts. Outrage usually at the stark, abysmal absence of what is considered an acceptable morality displayed by military service-members, especially flag officers. If one only read the news or our … Weiterlesen

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