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SMA Has a New Uniform

Well well doesn’t the SMA of the Army look resplendent in his „pinks and greens“.  Trouble is the originial „pinks and greens“ were an officer uniform; soldiers and NCOs wore a green wool blouse about the color of World War … Weiterlesen

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When One Refuses to Be a Victim

One gets Irv Refkin, the accidental spy.

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A Supply Corps, A Marine Corps, and a Victory Corps?

A friend is conducting an inquiry into family history, and shared a screenshot of her father’s High School yearbook, from some school in St. Louis in 1944, featuring the usual batch of faces and clubs and quotes from Tennyson and … Weiterlesen

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Soldier’s Soldier to be Named Honorary Sergeant Major of the Army

I saw this today and was in tears of awe.  Lieutenant General David Grange Jr. to be name this years Honorary Sergeant Major of the Army.  General Grange commanded the 2nd Infantry Division when I was a Lieutenant.  He was … Weiterlesen

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Ten Exceptional British Soldiers from WWII

From the obit section of the Telegraph, ten members of the British Armed Forces who did exceptional acts.

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A Very Brave Lady

I came across this article today in the Daily Beast; what a story. Captain Stephanie Czech was in the Women Army Corps, but in reality she was a member of the Office of Strategic Service and she spied on Soviet Operations … Weiterlesen

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