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Is a young Cavalry Officer on the Frontier.

„I Consider Myself a Citadel Alumna…“

This story is making the rounds amongst the Citadel Alumni- Shannon Faulkner considers herself a hero of sorts but she definitely is not.  The opening of the Citadel to women is pretty marred unlike that of VMI.  Many did not … Weiterlesen

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VMI can be an extension of High School Immaturity

From time to time Halloween festivities get suspended at VMI.  13 years ago you’ll recall the Institute making national news over Nazi inspired wears.  Whether joking or not, there was no Halloween dressing up until I was in my extended … Weiterlesen

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Taps: 1LT Ben Cross, ’13

Friday night I remember the news story of a MV-22 going down during the Talisman Sabre 17 exercise off the coast of Queensland, Australia.  23 of 26 personnel aboard were rescued. This morning I awoke to a notification that one … Weiterlesen

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Former 1ID CG, Wayne Grigsby demoted but one rank

Usually Col Hank will come in here and give this guy a reaming. The now BG Grigsby was just demoted for an inappropriate relationship with a female captain. As per the report on MSN he exchanged over 850 text messages with her … Weiterlesen

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Weekend Reading: Services‘ Procurement Problems

The F-35 is Grounded again for the same Oxygen issues The Navy’s procurement problems. Army Aviation scrambling to find a Kiowa Replacement after it said UAS and the Apache could cover down.  

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Iron Sharpens Iron: VMI Valedictorian 2nd Lt. Drew Borinstein

In August, Borinstein’s mother, brother and sister were killed in an airplane crash near Fredericksburg while on the way to watch him graduate from an officer training program. The tragedy followed the unexpected death of his father 16 months earlier … Weiterlesen

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VMI Pricing Itself out of the Market!

Here is the proposed operating budget and tuition rates for VMI.  I ranted on this a few years ago when tuition had climbed $10,000 from when I had entered VMI.  The difference between than and now is that the In-State … Weiterlesen

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The Air Force…the softest bunch I ever saw

The Air Force hasn’t been a true uniformed service since the Key West agreement, they only love playing fighter pilot and having the worst command climate of all seven uniformed services. But this story published by Vice tells you why … Weiterlesen

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As the drums were beaten to War

2016 marked the Centenary year of the Somme, a battle that took a million men off this place during a four month period.   Today marks our entry into World War I, on 2 April 1917, then President Woodrow Wilson … Weiterlesen

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Mission Creep

It depends on your lens.  I personally think we should have been continuing to reduce our presence in Afghanistan and Iraq as much as possible.  Our forces are pretty much in the same state as Canada’s.  In 2010 it was … Weiterlesen

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