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Mattis for President

In recent days there have been suggestions that Mad Dog Jim Mattis run for President.  The ideas was kicked off by none other than our former esteemed colleague John Noonan.

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Bow and Arrow… From Scratch

Our favorite resourceful silent Australian is back, with a new post: the bow and arrow. It’s pretty impressive. I’ll gladly own that this fellow fascinates me. I have the distinct impression that he’d be the best friend someone could have, … Weiterlesen

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Happy Easter to All!

Happy Easter, all that it is and all that it promises. *** And a rousing thank-you to USMC0802 who came out yesterday to help me drop a tree and buck it into sections for firewood.

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Firearms (Good) Friday: Oil Bottle Grip Insert by Magpul

Hmmm. That’s a damn good idea for fifteen bucks. Oh, and Happy Easter to all!

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US Army Prepositioning Equipment in… Vietnam and Cambodia

Yep. Strange bedfellows.

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Belgium and Europe: Not Terrorism Any Longer, But Guerrilla War

So says one Observer. I’ll begin at the end of the article: What happens next is the main question. It’s difficult to miss that Central Europe, whose illiberal leaders have been castigated by Brussels for their unwillingness to accept Muslim … Weiterlesen

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Clearly Mabus is an Idiot

Concur with Bing and Owen West’s assessment, Ray Mabus is an idiot.

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