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Wooden Walls Wednesday: Constitution Floats Again!

Thanks to DaveO– how did this escape my notice??– comes news that the world’s oldest warship still in commission has completed her spell in the dry dock and is headed back to duty. If you haven’t read Six Frigates, you … Weiterlesen

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Weapons Wednesday: „The Sling Bow“

This weapon has just been made legal for hunting small game, deer and turkey in Virginia. The great Bill Cochran from the otherwise stupid Roanoke Times had a good article on sling bows the other day, which led me to … Weiterlesen

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Anyone Remember „OJ’s Legal Pad“?

A brief and light-hearted note on all the OJ parole mania and trial retrospective. Does anyone remember this book from back during the trial-of-the-century days? HA! It’s insanely funny, and not a little offensive too. Might want to get a … Weiterlesen

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On a New Frigate for the Navy, and the LCS

A pair of complementary pieces on the state of construction of U.S. naval surface combatants: The Navy Is Looking for a New Frigate to Replace the Troubled Littoral Combat Ship Why Do We Keep Building LCS? (Hint– the LCS figures … Weiterlesen

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Stray Voltage: Urban Warfare and the VA

Austin Bay looks at urban warfare in his post on “Mosul and Urban Warfare.” Blogging lesson learned: if one wishes to blog about a tweetstorm, either post right away or use screen captures. Mr. X tweetstormed an interesting take on … Weiterlesen

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„The Forest Brothers“

Many thanks to the excellent MDL for this tip. (It was also cited, today, at WRSA in another form.) „NATO Reenacts Baltic Guerrilla War“: a synopsis of the extensive anti-Soviet resistance movements in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania that fought on … Weiterlesen

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Stupid Idea

Another stupid idea from the Sergeant Major of the Army–SMA Dailey let me remind you that Command Sergeant Majors are not general officers.  Maybe if you worried about Sergeant Major entitlements and more about the troops the Army would be … Weiterlesen

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