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Navy Investigation: „Failure at Every Level“

Damning. As well it should be. A disgraceful performance. For a few years now I’ve been saying that I believe the Navy, as a whole, to be unready for what is coming. Unready, unwilling, timid, risk averse, politically correct. It … Weiterlesen

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3000 Meter Toe Shot

You hear military leaders openly worry that the military is foreign to too many Americans.  They worry that with less than 1% of the American population connected to the military that neither the military or the American public understand each … Weiterlesen

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The Select Committee’s Report on Benghazi

Here it is, by the way. (Scroll down for links to its various parts.)  

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The Fantastic and Improbable Story of WW2 Ace Lou Curdes

READ. The P-51 banked steeply, head on into the flak, and opened up with its fifties on the C-47’s right engine. As the transport headed out to sea, with one engine gone, Curdes made a 180 degree turn and cut … Weiterlesen

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New Woodpile Report is Up

#432, to be exact. Lots of good stuff, and strongly recommended.

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I Like Bands But. . .

The most disingenuous remark is this: “The people who think that limiting military bands to ceremonies and funerals is a good idea have no idea what we do,” he wrote. “We make Americans feel good about their military and their … Weiterlesen

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Gun-Day Monday: The Manual Bolt Extraction Device

You might need it only once or twice, if at all, but when the gun goes down with this particular stoppage, you will desperately need something to fix it and get back in the fight. Very. Interesting. (Get the double-ended … Weiterlesen

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Russia’s Campaign Against Our Diplomats

Ongoing, and widespread: Russian intelligence and security services have been waging a campaign of harassment and intimidation against U.S. diplomats, embassy staff and their families in Moscow and several other European capitals that has rattled ambassadors and prompted Secretary of … Weiterlesen

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The Somme

On July 1, 2016 it will be a century since they went over the top at the Somme. A little fiction from a historian. The Battalion Sergeant Major awaken his Commander, Lieutenant Colonel James Oliver Jones III.  Sir it is … Weiterlesen

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The Revolution Comes and So Do Consequences

The revolution has come in the United Kingdom; the peasants have shown the oligarchy; their betters, the borg as some call it, that they are the masters of their fate.  Take this Brussels, you faceless bureaucrats.  We could care less … Weiterlesen

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