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SMA Has a New Uniform

Well well doesn’t the SMA of the Army look resplendent in his „pinks and greens“.  Trouble is the originial „pinks and greens“ were an officer uniform; soldiers and NCOs wore a green wool blouse about the color of World War … Weiterlesen

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The Sergeant Major of the Army Is At It Again

I won’t comment on all the ideas, I have not had time to digest them.  Off the top of my head I think Up or Out for NCOs is stupid, just like I think it is stupid for well performing … Weiterlesen

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STOP–Hear Me SMA Dailey–STOP

I came across this article today, I hope that it is a fanciful flight of fancy by Army Time, somehow I don’t think so. As an old retired soldier, SMA Dailey stop with the constant uniform changes.  Let the uniform … Weiterlesen

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