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WaPo Asks Plain Questions on ISIS-Supporting Metro Transit Officer

As well they should– „How did an alleged ISIS supporter remain on Metro police so long? Or get hired?“ But the news that [Officer] Young has been charged with trying to help ISIS is also shocking because of the questions … Weiterlesen

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This & That Thursday

Got lots of stuff running through my head, so I suppose I’ll combine some of them into one single thread. (That somewhat rhymes. Interesting.) More Illustration of the Futility of Gun Control Laws: Meet the Shipyard Specials of Northern Ireland– … Weiterlesen

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Bosnia 1996: #BosniakLivesMatter

  20 years ago I was assigned as an Adjutant to a battalion task force and stationed in Camp Angela. Camp Angela was named for Angelina Jolie but it was dusty enough to resemble Angela Lansbury in the latter seasons … Weiterlesen

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Cooper on the Baton Rouge Shooting

The late, great LtCol Jeff Cooper, one of my personal heroes, nailed the Baton Rouge (and Dallas) shooting back in the waning days of 1999, when he was speaking of the fate of the Boers under the ANC regime– We … Weiterlesen

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Police Shootings in Baton Rouge

Three dead, three (two?) injured, one of whom is reported to be in critical condition. Things keep getting uglier and uglier. And the long, hot summer awaits. My advice, or rather the advice of good men such as the late … Weiterlesen

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Gun-Day Monday: Glocks for the FBI?

Yes, says Mr Farnam. That’s all very interesting, but perhaps a better investment would be steel spine inserts for the Bureau’s leadership.

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Why It Came to That in Dallas

An opinion piece on the subject of the police and society in America that is so good I cannot even begin to extract quotes from it: „The Uncomfortable Reason Why It Came to This in Dallas Yesterday [sic].“ Please go … Weiterlesen

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