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Bergdahl, Russia, and Discipline

Leading off is a very incendiary editorial calling the Army’s treatment of members of SGT Bergdahl’s unit into question. I have to admit, what about this affair at that unit’s level required a Non-Disclosure Agreement with threats of punishment – … Weiterlesen

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„When in the Course of Human Events…“

Please read the whole thing, aloud if you can, and to as many people as you muster. It matters. Remember who we are, an where we came from. (Happy Independence Day!)

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Notice of Transfer: LTG Hal Moore to Fiddler’s Green

Lieutenant General Harold G. “Hal” Moore PCS’d to a posting on Fiddler’s Green on February 10th of this year. He will be reunited with his Command Sergeant Major, Basil L. Plumly, and other members of 1-7 Cavalry. LTG Moore is … Weiterlesen

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9/11: Fifteen Years On

First: We Remember. But then let us with a cold eye assess situation across the world. What we see is not encouraging. The enemy, in his mind-numbed barbarous hordes, is on the march. Age-old kinsmen and allies appear to be … Weiterlesen

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„Unless You Pay Us Cash to Go Away“

Thanks to URR’s post this day, spurred on by his comment previous to this post here, I thought it worthwhile to post some of Kipling’s „Dane-Geld“ (scroll down to see it, although the rest of the entries are worth reading, … Weiterlesen

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The Fantastic and Improbable Story of WW2 Ace Lou Curdes

READ. The P-51 banked steeply, head on into the flak, and opened up with its fifties on the C-47’s right engine. As the transport headed out to sea, with one engine gone, Curdes made a 180 degree turn and cut … Weiterlesen

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The Mission to Thwart the Nazi Atom Bomb

Not related to Operation Overlord, but certainly an important action in WWII, and a stirring tale. This raid has long held my fascination, and I think I have three or four books about it– apparently now there’s another one! Thanks … Weiterlesen

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Iwo Flag Raising

XBradTC beat us to it, so we’ll just link to them. Now, MDL brought this to our attention: „Marine Who Raised Flag on Iwo Jima Dies at 94.“ “Give me 50 men not afraid to die, and I can take … Weiterlesen

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Happy Birthday to The Indispensable Man

George Washington. In my estimation, the central figure in the founding of the Republic, head and shoulders in every sense above his nearly-matchless contemporaries. When one hears the question, „Who is the greatest U.S. President?“ my answer is always that Washington … Weiterlesen

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Gun-Day Monday: Air Force Leads the Way, and Time to Buy Ammo

AMAZING: „Air Force tells brass they can OK guns on base, citing 2015 shooting that left 5 dead.“ I’m stunned that the Air Force is leading the way on this, but happy that they are. It’s a disgrace that the … Weiterlesen

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