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A Little Whine With My Glock

It would appear that Glock believes they were robbed when Sig Sauer won the Army Pistol contract. I own two Glocks a 17 (9MM) and a 21 (45) I also own a Sig Sauer P320 (9MM or 357 SIG, 40 … Weiterlesen

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Wandering ‚round the ’net

Could a modern US Marine infantry battalion defeat the legions of Rome? James Erwin took to Reddit to solve this mystery. I have an opinion – what say you? It is taken as an article of faith that beer foam … Weiterlesen

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The A.T.F.’s Off-the-Books Cigarette Fund

NYT: „ATF Filled Secret Bank Account With Millions From Shadowy Cigarette Sales“ („Shadowy“ appears to be a polite word for „kinda sorta illegal“.) Why do we have this agency? What the hell does it do that needs doing? Let’s hope … Weiterlesen

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War Sycophants and ROTC Kids

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Tom Ricks lecture at Arizona State University.  In his retirement as a defense reporter he is a Fellow at Center on the Future of War.  He currently writes the Foreign Policy Blog: … Weiterlesen

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Schofield’s Definition of Discipline

I was rooting around the Old Ranger’s papers the other day when I came across a mimeographed copy of Schofield’s Definition of Discipline. The discipline which makes the soldiers of a free country reliable in battle is not to be … Weiterlesen

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Notice of Transfer: LTG Hal Moore to Fiddler’s Green

Lieutenant General Harold G. “Hal” Moore PCS’d to a posting on Fiddler’s Green on February 10th of this year. He will be reunited with his Command Sergeant Major, Basil L. Plumly, and other members of 1-7 Cavalry. LTG Moore is … Weiterlesen

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Surviving the times

In this era of wide-but-not-manspread fear and panic over the loathsome Cheeto Jesus and his circus of clowns and amateurs and -Ists practicing their -Isms, unlike the Studied Professionals of President Jarrett’s administration, it is good to have knowledge of … Weiterlesen

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Washington’s Birthday

Happy birthday to the Indispensable Man! When asked who in my opinion is the greatest of our Presidents, I invariably answer, „Washington: However, he was such a singular figure that no honest comparison can be made with his successors, even … Weiterlesen

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National Security Advisor

President Trump has named Lt. General H. R. McMaster as his NSC advisor. Inspired choice. You am concerned though if anyone can survive in this White House with Bannon perhaps pulling strings behind the throne.

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Aircraft Carriers: A Brief Survey

Aircraft carriers are the monarchs of the sea, and arguably the third best strategic weapon  in the US arsenal, after nukes and little groups of paratroopers. Since the Russians, Chinese and Indians already have nukes and paratroops/Gurkhas, they have begun exploring the exciting world … Weiterlesen

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