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The New National Security Strategy

Offered without comment. At the bottom of the linked page is a link to download the NSS so you may read it at your convenience. I haven’t read it yet, but have read synopses of President Trump’s summary. There is … Weiterlesen

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The Financial War on Terrorism

The most under-reported battlespace in the global war on terrorism is the economy of terrorism. I’m not talking about how Bubba buys a Chevy so he can plow down masses of minorities in Virginia – a daily threat, I’m sure. … Weiterlesen

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To Drain the Defense Acquisition Swamp, First Get Rid of the Water

An interesting fact: the people who break the rules of Defense Acquisition – FOGO, Acquisition officers (uniformed and career civil servants), and the contractors who advise them – don’t pay one thin dime. We do. We always do. The problems … Weiterlesen

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A Definition of Alt-Right

I came across a definition of Alt-Right by Joe Carter of the Acton Institute in his blog post „5 facts About the Alt-Right.“ It is a moderate read in terms of time, and worth your time.

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An Article Worth Reading and Considering

Our good friend, Burko ’73 sent this absolutely fascinating article from Vanity Fair that takes a look at the inner workings of the Department of Energy. In a previous article by our Regular Contributor DaveO, he made a case (albeit a … Weiterlesen

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„Axis of Adults“: Trump’s Generals

Today’s recommended reading. Not since the early days of the Ford administration has a general served as White House chief of staff—and arguably not since the presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower, himself a retired general, have senior military officers wielded … Weiterlesen

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Thunderbirds and Your Friday Tech Roundup

Oklahoma pride here! Willie and Joe do America proud in the Ukraine. Over at Strategy Page, two articles on mortars and artillery. We had nuclear merchant ships? And, as the weekend is upon us, some technical terms of tequila.

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