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Weapons Wednesday: Bulk Ammo Sale, and Lessons from a Home Invasion

First point, in „case“– GET IT, „CASE“??– you need more ammo, and of course you do, Brownells is having a most lovely bulk ammo sale. The second point is considerably more sobering, coming from a link at Survival Blog, with … Weiterlesen

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BTW, the New Woodpile’s Up…

And as always it kicks off with a neat little art history lesson.  What– you think I’m sort sort of philistine??

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Skip Bacevich Advice to the Next President.

Andrew Bacevich has some serious advice for the next President. This quote goes to the heart of the discussion: So, yes, Trump’s critique of American generalship possesses merit, but whether he knows it or not, the question truly demanding his … Weiterlesen

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And Why, Exactly, Was He Allowed Into This Country?

Active shooter driver/stabber makes case for moratorium on Muslim immigration in Ohio.  „Two law enforcement sources told Fox News that Artan came into the United States as a Somali refugee, and was granted status as a legal permanent resident.“ Always … Weiterlesen

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Gun-Day Sunday: „Sabot Cindy“

In a nod to our good friends at XBradTC and their ongoing series of „Load HEAT“ tributes, we bring you „Sabot Cindy“: The subtitled „translation“ is priceless.

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RIP, Detective Harris (And Shepherd Book)

URR has a fine tribute to the late Ron Glass, the actor who brought Detective Ron Harris to life on Barney Miller, one of the best television programs ever. He also played the enigmatic Shepherd Book, the unofficial chaplain of … Weiterlesen

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Murderous Pig Dies, Free World Rejoices

I might light up a cigar. Care to join me?

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Firearms Friday: „Pro Tips on Zeroing a Carbine“

By way of WRSA– read THIS and watch the videos embedded. That’s good stuff, and the object of that exercise is essential in our trade. (BTW, Point #7 is absolutely true.) I’ll end with my own comment– allow a good … Weiterlesen

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Firearms Friday: Suppressing an Entire Infantry Battalion?

Quite possibly. 2d MarDiv is looking at just that, even as we speak: Maj. Gen. John Love of 2nd Marine Division out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, is gathering data on the way suppressors improve battlefield communication and efficiency. Early … Weiterlesen

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Happy Thanksgiving!

A heartfelt and sincere HfT! from all of us at ITOC to– as Dave Canterbury might say– all of our „sponsors, affiliates, family and friends,“ and our magnificent loyal corps of readers and commenters. This is of course a holiday … Weiterlesen

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