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No US Navy Carrier on Patrol in Mideast

Yep. No carrier. In the MIDEAST. „The gap could last as long as two months, sources said, between the time the Eisenhower left the combat theater and the Bush arrives.“ And that gap comes at a particularly inopportune time. Numerous … Weiterlesen

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Evidence of Russian Hacking

In the electoral electrical system. That’s big time. Good thing it was discovered. I wonder what’s floating around the utilities‘ cyberstructure that hasn’t been discovered. Resilience, folks. Are you prepared to go without power for a few days, at least? … Weiterlesen

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Worth More Dead Than Alive?

Isn’t that the old plot line from murder mysteries and black comedies, where the poor sad sack working husband’s life insurance policy makes him worth more to his two-timing wife if he’s dead? Life imitates art, according to WeaponsMan. Even … Weiterlesen

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Merry Christmas to All!

Will probably be a weekend of light posting, and for good reason. We here at ITOC wish all of you a very Merry Christmas (and Hanukkah), and we say many thanks for your loyal readership and zesty commentary. And may … Weiterlesen

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Can The Military Procure Anything On Budget and on Time?

Over at National Review a good article on the woes of the U S S Zumwalt.

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Next Secretary of the Army

Apparently Jim Hickey is now the leading candidate to be Undersecretary of the Army.

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OK, Whatever

Ragnar sends THIS. I sampled Trump’s campaign rhetoric, analyzing 71,446 words across 24 events from January 2015 to December 2016. Using a program for measuring leadership traits in rhetoric, I estimated what Trump’s words may tell us about his level … Weiterlesen

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