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An American Civil War: the Home Front

There’s been rhetorical shots fired in the war between America and secessionist California, one in which Californians will lose. Those are the breaks though. When South Carolina’s militia, augmented by The Citadel’s Corps of Cadets, fired on Fort Sumter, there … Weiterlesen

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An American Civil War, Part II

Thank you to Davey, Dwayne Lunsford and MajW DC for their thoughtful comments on Part I of ‚An American Civil War.‘ This post is a response to those comments. There are some data points out there that should give one … Weiterlesen

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An American Civil War

Lt Col P threw this thought-grenade over the transom to me, and so on his behalf we present this article to you our Readers. Please read it all, especially the comments. I do have two tactical objections to the view … Weiterlesen

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Good, Evil, and Kneeling During the National Anthem

Hello Readers of InTheOldCorps. I was called away to work in lovely New Mexico – and it is lovely. This is a temporary change of scenery, but welcome all the same. The change prevented me from viewing the rest of … Weiterlesen

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„Northam calls for taking down Confederate statues in Virginia and moving them to museums“

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, by way of the Roanoke Times. That’s Northam ’81, by the way. Would this mean the statues at VMI, as well? Picture what post would look like devoid of any image or reference to the Confederacy. … Weiterlesen

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Running to Auschwitz

Here’s an interesting essay from Ray Allen on why he went to Auschwitz. Many people remain unaware of the role of Germany’s civil servants played in carrying out the progressive Final Solution from 1933-1945. From separating communities into ethnic ghettos … Weiterlesen

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„The Forest Brothers“

Many thanks to the excellent MDL for this tip. (It was also cited, today, at WRSA in another form.) „NATO Reenacts Baltic Guerrilla War“: a synopsis of the extensive anti-Soviet resistance movements in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania that fought on … Weiterlesen

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Any day of the week ending in “Y”

Today’s outrage is the Left doubling down on blaming Representative Steve Scalise and the others for being shot by a man who, by his own account, was a reliable Brownshirt for the hard left. Our younger readers may not know … Weiterlesen

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You’re Already on a List

A tale from down-under about the best efforts of some folks to stay off someone’s radar. The best line from an otherwise depressing article? „Most Australians did not turn in all their guns during the infamous and mandatory Australian gun … Weiterlesen

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Secession Preparation

Since California can’t figure out how to secede and still keep the welfare billions rolling in, the Handy Dandy Secessionist should know a couple of things: how to dress, how to shoot, and basic medicine. How to dress is often … Weiterlesen

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