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Iron Sharpens Iron: VMI Valedictorian 2nd Lt. Drew Borinstein

In August, Borinstein’s mother, brother and sister were killed in an airplane crash near Fredericksburg while on the way to watch him graduate from an officer training program. The tragedy followed the unexpected death of his father 16 months earlier … Weiterlesen

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Ghost Stories

Practically the only ghosts at VMI are First Classmen in good standing and with a full tank of gas. Because VMI’s history as an armory, and as a source of military personnel – some of whom were killed in action … Weiterlesen

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House Mountain Video

This past week a video was posted on You Tube about House Mountain.  Shot and produced by Steve Shires, a former Game Warden in Rockbridge County, written by Jim Warren a Professor of English at Washington and Lee, and narrated … Weiterlesen

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