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„When in the Course of Human Events…“

Please read the whole thing, aloud if you can, and to as many people as you muster. It matters. Remember who we are, an where we came from. (Happy Independence Day!)

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At What Point Does It Become Secession?

This. Seriously, when does it cross a line from nutty coastal enclaves and become a statewide insurrection, that is, a secession? Because I thought we’d all been taught that the secession question had been answered for good, you know.

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Potty-mouthed Squirrels

While the News Media fixes the attention of Low-Information Voters with a game of „SQUIRREL! (the Potty-mouth Edition),“ the Russians are very busy executing a far-reaching strategy. SQUIRREL! (the Potty-mouth Edition): entertainment + voting guidance for the voter who just … Weiterlesen

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Yankee Go Home!

Damn, I wish they would. But apparently, they beset still us: Southerners rarely while away their leisure hours by contemplating Yankees, for there is no point in thinking of unpleasant things if one is not obliged to do so. Yet … Weiterlesen

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Congress Concerned About Mission Creep

The Hill has an article on members of Congress being concerned about Mission Creep in Iraq. I have a suggestion for Congress, debate the Authorization for Use of Force proposed by Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.  Define what the President … Weiterlesen

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