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SMA Has a New Uniform

Well well doesn’t the SMA of the Army look resplendent in his „pinks and greens“.  Trouble is the originial „pinks and greens“ were an officer uniform; soldiers and NCOs wore a green wool blouse about the color of World War … Weiterlesen

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The Great War, a review

Public Broadcasting Service, one of the antique “Big 4” of television corporations, televised a three-part series “The Great War.” Normally I don’t watch PBS because I find their effete and high-handed and unnecessary grubbing of public tax dollars to be … Weiterlesen

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As the drums were beaten to War

2016 marked the Centenary year of the Somme, a battle that took a million men off this place during a four month period.   Today marks our entry into World War I, on 2 April 1917, then President Woodrow Wilson … Weiterlesen

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Perspective on World War I

Interesting article over at Real Clear Defense on the cause and effects of the US entry into World War I.

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The Somme

On July 1, 2016 it will be a century since they went over the top at the Somme. A little fiction from a historian. The Battalion Sergeant Major awaken his Commander, Lieutenant Colonel James Oliver Jones III.  Sir it is … Weiterlesen

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