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Chosin Reservoir

Program to be aired on PBS about Chosin Reservoir.

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Gun-Day Sunday: Follow-On Range Time

A very enjoyable and productive day, if I do say so myself. After 0730 Mass I headed off to the range and spent an hour on the 100-yard lanes refining the zero on the Steyr Scout *and* reacquainting myself with … Weiterlesen

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Sig Sauer P320

Shot the Sig Sauer P320 today for the first time.  Good shot groups.  I am having to teach myself to shoot right handed (as I am to have my left hand operated on in December and will be out of … Weiterlesen

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Ghost Stories

Practically the only ghosts at VMI are First Classmen in good standing and with a full tank of gas. Because VMI’s history as an armory, and as a source of military personnel – some of whom were killed in action … Weiterlesen

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Range Time!

Got to spend some true quality time at the range today, with MDL, Wang, G-Tex (of CivDiv Designs fame) and several others. G-Tex and I arrived early to do some detailed work on the outstanding 100-yard indoor range; he sighted … Weiterlesen

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The Hungarian Revolution

We missed by two days the 60-year anniversary of the brave Hungarian uprising against the evil Communist occupation. Here’s a very good article recounting one man’s escape from the hell on earth that Marxism creates.  (I’m surprised CNN’s editors allowed … Weiterlesen

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When you get overpaid, you pay it back

When 10,000 Soldiers get overpaid while in the National Guard because the Pentagon and the NGB made a mistake.  Why should they have to pay it back.  We all remember during the height of the war how the bonuses were … Weiterlesen

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