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DoD News: the Bad, the Good, and the Troubling

This is bad. This is very bad. This is good: a lone man, visiting the freshest graves in Arlington. This is troubling: two stories in which following one’s conscience requires not following a lawful order. Given the timeline from alert … Weiterlesen

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Correction on PVT Manning

I erred in a previous post on Private Manning. Specifically, I  presented an incorrect interpretation of the legal term „commute.“ Thank you to Townie for this correction: [I wrote:]Private Manning is now free and eligible for an Honorable Discharge, with all … Weiterlesen

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Infuriating: Sailors Refuse to Stand for National Anthem

Sad, but true. The anti-anthem protest movement spawned by San Francisco 49s Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is now spreading beyond the sports world and into such unlikely corners as the U.S. military. A report on says two U.S. service members … Weiterlesen

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The Military and Politics Do Not Mix

Military Times has an interesting article regarding which political party active duty military support.  While the survey numbers mildly interesting and based on other polling data are not surprising, what bothers me is that those in uniform are considered a … Weiterlesen

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