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Mass Evictions in the Shenandoah: A History Lesson

This speaks for itself. It’s the tale of the skull beneath the skin at Shenandoah National Park. All in the name of progress. I’ve seen some of the old homesteads up there, and unless you know the truth you think, … Weiterlesen

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Gun-Day Monday: Upcoming Murphy Course at Elite Shooting Sports (July 2017)

Here’s a one-day course from the great John R. Murphy of FPF Training– perhaps you’ve heard of him– coming up this summer, „Concealed Carry: Skills Beyond the Gun,“ on Sunday, 23 July, 0900-1700. The knowledge required to be a safe, … Weiterlesen

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Weapons Wednesday: The SIG P320 and the Full Story of the AR15/M16 Family

First– I hit the range this morning with G-Tex of Civ Div Designs holster fame. (BTW, he also has a nifty Instagram page.) He brought his SIG Sauer P320. We shot it. And we pronounced it good. (Maybe I can … Weiterlesen

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Fat Leonard vs Marines United

Good friend and co-worker Wang sends this link, under the subject, „Fat Leonard vs Marines United,“ containing this quote among several: In my own judgment, the Marine scandal, if by no means trivial, qualifies as the lesser of the two. … Weiterlesen

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to All!

Between church and pub– both equally important today– take a moment to remember a minor military genius, the great Tom Barry of the 3rd West Cork Flying Column, who dealt the hated occupier a stunning defeat at Kilmichael in 1920. … Weiterlesen

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Heard From Today: ’94 Takes Command at 5th Marines

Many thanks to ESL’94 for this link to his BR Col George Schreffler ’94, taking charge of 5th Marine Regiment, two weeks ago. Those who know him will know that he will do well. Congrats, Marine!

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Fat Leonard Strikes Again

The scandal that won’t die. Wow– According to prosecutors, Francis had picked up the tab on widespread debauchery including a May 2008 „raging multi-day party, with a rotating carousel of prostitutes, during which the conspirators drank all of the Dom … Weiterlesen

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V „Omm“ I?

Thanks to Ragnar (again) for alerting us to this piece of silliness. Who exactly is in charge there?

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Weapons Wednesday: „Just Enough Gun“

A paean to the great M1 Carbine! As I have said over and over, this great little gun has plenty to love as-is, and thanks to its particular form and construction it can easily be modified with very simple after-market … Weiterlesen

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