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Creating an Arms Race

Not since America’s children contributed one penny to fund the building of six frigates has America’s naval capabilities been in such straits. Like those days, plenty of Americans recognize their peril and have begun to reclaim our great Nation from … Weiterlesen

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Running to Auschwitz

Here’s an interesting essay from Ray Allen on why he went to Auschwitz. Many people remain unaware of the role of Germany’s civil servants played in carrying out the progressive Final Solution from 1933-1945. From separating communities into ethnic ghettos … Weiterlesen

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Coast Guard Commandant Apparently Forgets Oath

FIRE HIM, MISTER PRESIDENT. This very evening, in person, at the White House. Terminate his access, revoke his clearances.  

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Veterans Benefits, a social program or deferred payment?

A question the other day amongst us was about Veterans Benefits. I firmly believe that Veterans Benefits (VA Benefits and the GI Bill) are a form of deferred payment. We all write a blank check to Columbia giving up some … Weiterlesen

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Overdue Thank-You

I owe an overdue thanks to LT, a long-time Op-For and ITOC reader, a fellow FPF Training alum, USCG vet, and all-around patriot. He sent me one of these last week, and I am deeply grateful. Neat piece of gear! … Weiterlesen

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