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Funday Sunday: Untied Status Marin Crops

New funny-funny ha-ha sick bizarro Marine comic strip, „Untied Status Marin Crops.“ It’s like Terminal Lance on peyote, with an infusion of Pearls Before Swine. Another– MDL (no shrinking violet, nor a stranger to the grosser excesses of junior Marines) … Weiterlesen

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Gunday Sunday: Transformation Hunting, Barbary Sheep in New Mexico

There I was with only two weekends left on my tag.  I’d just changed assignments and had come out of NTC as an OC/T 1 February.  I’d been pretty beaten up, was starting to rebuild my body so that I … Weiterlesen

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Patriotic Humor

Funny, as in ha-ha funny: HA! Enjoy.

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More on the Scout Rifle

In answer to a request from Maj W DC, aka Phat Joe, here’s more info on the scout rifle, in both concept and execution. LtCol Jeff Cooper, of Gunsite fame, developed the scout rifle concept in the 90s in an … Weiterlesen

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A Flag-Raising in Danville?

A 30-foot x 50-foot flag, no less. I’m all for it. And God bless those who arranged for it. Might be worth a trip all the way down there…

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Weapons Wednesday: The Great Steyr Scout Getting More Affordable?

Almost $600 less.  Watch the video, it’s full of nifty things. *I* have been there, in that room, the armory at the Sconce, indeed with LtCol Cooper himself, one-on-one. I have beheld and held that rifle. I also have my … Weiterlesen

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And Murder in France

Foul, vicious murder at the hands of Mohammedan filth: One of the two knife-wielding Islamist attackers who slit the throat of a Catholic priest during a morning Mass in northern France Tuesday was under judicial supervision after trying to travel … Weiterlesen

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Meanwhile, in Bavaria

And all of Germany, for that matter– „Bavarian Bomber Pledged Allegiance to ISIS.“ The Syrian who blew himself up in southern Germany, wounding 15 people, had pledged allegiance to Islamic State on a video found on his mobile phone, the … Weiterlesen

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Doc’s First Flight!

A beautiful sight to see– „Doc,“ the newly restored B-29 has taken her first flight since 1956: WOW. This one goes out to SMSgt Mac and all our zoomies. 🙂

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Details are still coming in, but the essential facts seem to be clear: Another Mohammedan outrage. URR at XBradTC lays it out so far, as only he can. We should be shocked; we should not be surprised. When might we … Weiterlesen

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