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Weapons Weapons: Army Chief Wants a 7.62 M4

(Have we not been discussing this recently?) Kited slightly from the good Mr Slater, GEN Milley says he needs a bigger round to defeat enemy body armor: Milley told lawmakers Army officials at the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort … Weiterlesen

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Correction on PVT Manning

I erred in a previous post on Private Manning. Specifically, I  presented an incorrect interpretation of the legal term „commute.“ Thank you to Townie for this correction: [I wrote:]Private Manning is now free and eligible for an Honorable Discharge, with all … Weiterlesen

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„Soldiers in the hands of an angry government“

Rebekah Sanderlin offers her thoughts from 2013 on this next Memorial Day. While SMA Dailey is concerned about uniforms, the costs of which will be born by military dependents . Interesting how everything cycles, but the Army never gets beyond bitterly … Weiterlesen

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Fire Him Now

Apparently an employee offered to allow inspectors to see the remains of Senator John Glenn, Colonel USMC (Retired).  They demure.  The employee should be fired.

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Biowar Wednesday

Just in time for a supper: Biowar Wednesday! Judge Alice Hill starts us off with an argument for a coordinated defense against pandemics. Although every U.S. president since Bill Clinton has developed policies to tackle the threat posed by deadly … Weiterlesen

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Socially acceptable treason

The NYT-bestselling post mortem “Shattered” details where the narrative of Russia hacking the election came from. Spoiler alert: it was developed November 9, 2016, by Hillary and her campaign staff; and sold by an uncritical news media who’ve sold it … Weiterlesen

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Command Influence Begins at the TOP

There is a reason why other nation’s military Commanding Officers are no longer the convening authority or approval authority for Courts Martial.  Based on what I read here the unlawful Command Influence came from the very top of the department … Weiterlesen

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Another Trip Down the New Rifle / New Caliber Road

Here. The weapon designs being tested will be “unconventional,” officials said, and likely not one that is currently commercially available. Some intermediate calibers being tested include the .260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, .264 USA as well as other non-commercial intermediate calibers, … Weiterlesen

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Iron Sharpens Iron: VMI Valedictorian 2nd Lt. Drew Borinstein

In August, Borinstein’s mother, brother and sister were killed in an airplane crash near Fredericksburg while on the way to watch him graduate from an officer training program. The tragedy followed the unexpected death of his father 16 months earlier … Weiterlesen

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WTF Is The Army Horseman Badge?

From this article I was surprised to learn there is an Army Horseman Badge?

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