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A Strategic Door Opens

Iranians are fed up with a lifetime of murder. The protests appear sparked by social media posts and a surge in prices of basic food supplies, like eggs and poultry. Officials and state media made a point Saturday of saying … Weiterlesen

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It’s About Damn Time: Navy Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Boats

G O O D . Those people need to be shown the potential costs of provocation.

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„Iran, Iran, Iran“?

MDL tossed this out today, with the email subject line, „And it begins…“ „James Mattis‘ 33-Year Grudge Against Iran“ I get what the author is saying, but I’m not buying it. The United States has a grudge against Iran, and … Weiterlesen

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Damning Critique of the U S Military

A particularly insightful article over at Tom Rick’s blog site on the the failure of American leadership in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  It damns the idea we have the war one year at a time and takes to tasks the … Weiterlesen

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Adversaries and Allies

Questions for the audience: How do you think we are doing at a) deterring adversaries, and b) reassuring allies? Can we back up our obligations? Do our enemies, actual and potential, have cause to fear our actions and reactions? Is … Weiterlesen

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Houthi Rebels Fire on US Naval Vessel

They certainly are feeling emboldened, aren’t they?  I wonder how they got that way. As the Krampus noted to us when he sent the link, a few short decades ago– even a few short years ago– the launch sites for … Weiterlesen

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Russia Flying Sorties out of Iran

Yes: „Strikes from Iranian air base show Russia’s expanding footprint in the Middle East.“ ISTANBUL — Russian bombers flying from an Iranian air base struck rebel targets across Syria on Tuesday, Russian and Iranian officials said, dramatically underscoring the two … Weiterlesen

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