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Blogging here at intheoldcorps and previously at OPFOR is fun and engaging. We blog about VMI, the military and society in general, and specialize in outrages. What one notices going through the posts is just how cyclic the outrages are.

Once a year, during budget-formulation time, the Sergeant Major of the Army introduces an initiative to change the Army’s dress uniforms. Each year more bells and whistles are added, and each year confirms for me that to be SMA one must exceptionally insecure in their manhood (or womanhood when that happens). Since the SMA have invariably been tankers they don’t get the CIB, Airborne, Air Assault badges, Ranger and SF tabs, and combat patches of units held in the highest esteem, like the Ranger Batts.

Townie loves writing about this annual outrage because, without fail, the uniform changes cost soldiers of all ranks a whole of lot dollars they don’t have in savings, don’t add to the professionalism and esprit de corps, and don’t instill respect or fear in our enemies. All this just for a single man’s vanity: the legacy of the SMA.

Once a year, during budget-formulation time, the Pentagon announces it may have to re-write the retirement and family-care benefits because of cost. Without fail the Congress reacts for faux-outrage at the taking of hostages and votes to fund Pentagonian acquisition boondoggles.

And shall we go into that litany of infamy?

V: “Oh Congress, this new [insert Lockmart’s latest gadget here] is absolutely indispensable to defeating [insert name of whatever politically correct name of an enemy here], and will only cost 1, just 1 billion, no – 3! 3 billion dollarzzzz!”

R: Must. Have. Make it 6 billion.

Each year, as hunting seasons roll around, Lt Col P reminds us of safety, medical and gun training, and above all to be safe as we enjoy nature and harvesting Bambi. On the surface this isn’t outrageous.


Until one considers how many times an armed citizen prevents a massacre, or had there been an armed citizen a massacre would have been stopped. Or, as in the case of the church massacre in Texas, Holy Government-that-solves-all-problems had simply done the 5 minute task of entering the POS name into the database. That event suddenly brought up two salient points: stopping a massacre isn’t a what-if, it’s a when-if and are you prepared? The second point that many on the Left got slapped with is there are laws and infrastructure to enforce those laws, should it choose to enforce the law.

Now, no one has ever accused me of thinking, but I would think that the outrages of the past year have to be causing synapse lapses among folks who brag about being rational, thinking, and aware folks. If I recall correctly Vice President Mike Pence was pilloried for having and enforcing a policy of not allowing himself to be with women not his wife in public or private settings, and to have witnesses in his dealings with women not his wife. You recall the names and accusations: prude, sexist, and so on. From the rational people.

How’s that been working out for society?

Back in the 80s America had a choice: Hugh Hefner or Jerry Falwell and Pope Saint John Paul II. One side was libertine, hedonistic to extremes and wholly inwardly focused, the other sought freedom through self-restraint, self-respect, and respect for others. Well that’s no fun, especially when the hormones are raging!

Today society is treated to daily outrages of women and men finding themselves navigating the hook-up culture and getting raped, diseased, and broken. Funny how that dusty old book sitting on the top shelf, the one written so many years ago that it can’t possibly be valid today whispers ‚you don’t have to live like meat for someone’s momentary pleasure.‘ Perhaps one day the churches will figure out folks not only want boundaries, but expect the church to teach those boundaries.

Being originally from DC, and somewhat warped by that experience, I’ve found the daily outrages over sexual relations and politics to be interesting for one reason. The men and their female enablers being purged all have five things in common: 1) their actions (deeds, not just words) were intrinsically evil; 2) their actions were intrinsically hypocritical; 3) they were enabled (lauded, feted, GIVEN women, men, children for their use) by people who wrap themselves in Alistair Crowley’s fanciest word-robes; 4) the Accusation-is-proof-of-guilt – that favorite tactic of Alinsky and the Left are in full bloom and no talk of equal protection of the law under the law is comprehended; and 5) they are all Clintonistas.

Number 5 is hysterical. Yes, some women are sexual predators. Didn’t feminism teach us every gender is the same? I know, crickets from the newsies on that score. Some women are enablers, but have managed to slip the dagger in similar to Donna Brazile’s timely character assassination of the Clinton Machine. We’ve gone from the free-sex hook-up culture to frigidity in which no man can acknowledge the existence of a woman without being accused of sexual assault, even decades later. “Hey, his handshake was kinda clammy, he musta been in lust! Time to call Gloria and get my payday!”

It’s easy to see why so many bloggers burn out. There are too many outrages and so many of them are calculated to piss off you and me in order to effect a desired outcome. Why should you feel outrage? It’s in the contract you signed – just like Darth Vader, Government can alter the deal at any time and the lawyers will ensure you have no recourse. Concerned that pretty woman will accuse you of rape just for asking her to supper? Why should you feel concern? She doesn’t know how she’s supposed to act either. After all, is it proper etiquette to have sex before the supper, after, and should you learn each other’s last name after the pregnancy test comes in? Not sure who to vote for since the politics business is designed to attract slime?  Outrage is just business, and it wears one out.

And we haven’t even talked about VMI and its transgressions. I won’t go there, so Happy Friday to all!

Über DaveO

Retired soldier, micro-farmer, raconteur and pet owner from the great state of Oklahoma. Wandered in as a frequent commenter and have been enjoying blogging ever since.
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  1. keydet1976 schreibt:

    Actually there have been more Infantry Sergeant Majors of the Army than Armor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergeant_Major_of_the_Army


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