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An American Civil War, Part II

Thank you to Davey, Dwayne Lunsford and MajW DC for their thoughtful comments on Part I of ‚An American Civil War.‘ This post is a response to those comments. There are some data points out there that should give one … Weiterlesen

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Why I Served

I served in the United States Army, the Army National Guard, and the United States Army Reserves for over thirty years.  I retired as a Colonel.  I consider myself, like my father before me, a quiet Patriot.  I stand and … Weiterlesen

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Making Brisket of Sacred Cows

Lt. Col. P presented an article from Tom Mullen on Abraham Lincoln and the Confederacy and their relationship to the institution of slavery. It is an interesting read, if only for the last paragraph in which Mullen asks for a … Weiterlesen

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Charlottesville: Bad Things in the Offing

I see very little good coming out of this, and down the pike. In ten years‘ time do we foresee a whole United States, or a fractured one? As for me, I ardently desire a whole United States. But not … Weiterlesen

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Running to Auschwitz

Here’s an interesting essay from Ray Allen on why he went to Auschwitz. Many people remain unaware of the role of Germany’s civil servants played in carrying out the progressive Final Solution from 1933-1945. From separating communities into ethnic ghettos … Weiterlesen

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Correction on PVT Manning

I erred in a previous post on Private Manning. Specifically, I  presented an incorrect interpretation of the legal term „commute.“ Thank you to Townie for this correction: [I wrote:]Private Manning is now free and eligible for an Honorable Discharge, with all … Weiterlesen

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So what will it be, Marines?

In a previous post on the ethical dilemmas of the Air Force and the Marine Corps, and other posts concerning Army and Navy Flag Officers, I didn’t explain the core of the problem. Problems such as abuse of power, evident … Weiterlesen

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