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„The South is Ready for Her Apology“

Damned good point, there. And you can add the Valley to that list.

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War and Chaplains

Good article over at Washington Post on the effects of war on Chaplains.

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Battle Cry

I remember reading Leon Uris Battle Cry as a teenager.  I have never seen the movie until today.  Great flick, and reminds me that in any battle having the USMC on my flank is a real plus. Semper Fi.

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A Graduation Speech Worth Considering

I know many who read this site would never give a Democrat the time of day; I ask that you take the time to read and think about the words Senator Kaine said at the VMI graduation.  Thanks. „Welcome graduates, … Weiterlesen

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„Death Fell From the Sky“

A correspondent sent me this quip, in response a certain individual’s visit to Hiroshima: Obama lays a wreath at ground zero in Hiroshima and said, this is where „death fell from the sky.“ Technically, 7 Dec is when death first … Weiterlesen

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Say it Ain’t So?

James Bond is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good Read Over at Brookings

Saw this on the Brookings web site, I scanned it and it has some really good points.  Your thoughts.

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