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Weapons Wednesday: „The Sling Bow“

This weapon has just been made legal for hunting small game, deer and turkey in Virginia. The great Bill Cochran from the otherwise stupid Roanoke Times had a good article on sling bows the other day, which led me to … Weiterlesen

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Hunters beware: deer eating humans

Ain’t grammar wonderful? Or, in the case of our resident hunters, a warning. Bambi’s packing hot sauce. Warning: article shows human remains. Proof of amphibiosity may be required.

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Quarter-Ton Wild Hog, Shot by 17-Year-Old Virginian

That’s a big hog. The biggest of the three pigs I’ve shot was roughly a quarter of that. There’s a young man who knows how to handle himself. GOOD.

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Advice for the New Survivalists

Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery, but imitation combined with ignorance is just plain dangerous. Stemming from the fear and calamity of Trumpismo is a very curious trend. People of the Left are arming themselves. With … Weiterlesen

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GunDay Sunday: Dove Season

This is my first and probably last season hunting the Rio Grande for Dove.  And yipers was it hot.  An NCO I work with had asked if I wanted to go.  We have not had the chance to go together … Weiterlesen

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Gun-Day Sunday: Using Enough Gun, Etc.

Overcast and warm here in Mosby’s Confederacy, with „heavy rain“ inbound or so the National Weather Service says. Item #1 for today– Using a 9mm on a grizzly in Alaska, a VERY interesting story.  I have killed enough bears to … Weiterlesen

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Gunday Sunday: Transformation Hunting, Barbary Sheep in New Mexico

There I was with only two weekends left on my tag.  I’d just changed assignments and had come out of NTC as an OC/T 1 February.  I’d been pretty beaten up, was starting to rebuild my body so that I … Weiterlesen

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Talking turkey about your guns

This post is about you and the guns and ammo you use for hunting turkey. What works for you?

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Travel Week for Me

Headed to and from Texas, overland and not by air. Will toss some things out when I can. Enjoy the short work week, and if at all possible stay away from large crowds in major public venues– there’s ugliness afoot. … Weiterlesen

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