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Sixty Three Years Young

The C130 and I are the same age; unlike this old fool, it is staying young at heart and learning new tricks.  It ain’t pretty, it is slow, but you know it is going to get you there. . .even … Weiterlesen

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So what will it be, Marines?

In a previous post on the ethical dilemmas of the Air Force and the Marine Corps, and other posts concerning Army and Navy Flag Officers, I didn’t explain the core of the problem. Problems such as abuse of power, evident … Weiterlesen

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Should the former Admiral be keelhauled?  Like the Officer in another service (I refuse to further acknowledge the service he served in as he dishonor the service all whom have worn it uniform since its founding at Tun’s Tavern) who … Weiterlesen

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Lexington and Concord

This day, in 1775. Now, it is difficult to overstate the importance of these two actions, the events that led to them, and more so the degree to which the colonists had prepared and planned and organized. As I have … Weiterlesen

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Revolt in the services

Two services, two ethical dilemmas.

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Secession Preparation

Since California can’t figure out how to secede and still keep the welfare billions rolling in, the Handy Dandy Secessionist should know a couple of things: how to dress, how to shoot, and basic medicine. How to dress is often … Weiterlesen

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Happy Virginia Secession Day!

17 April 1861.  

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