Domestic Terrorism in the USA

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A terrorist attack struck our Marines at 8th & I. The attack was a letter filled with white powder, with 11 people taken to the hospital. 3 Marines have returned to duty, but there is not much more information available. This follows closely on the recent attack on Donald Trump, Junior’s wife by a domestic terrorist from Massachusetts. Last year a group of Republicans were attacked by Bernie Sanders-supporter, the domestic terrorist James Hodgkinson. From the NY Slimes:

Eleven people, including nine Marines, were being treated for injuries on Tuesday after an envelope carrying a hazardous but unknown substance was opened on a Virginia base down the street from the Pentagon, the authorities said.

Hazardous materials teams responded to the base in Fort Myer, Va., after two Marines who initially handled the envelope started having an unspecified physical reaction to the substance, said a military official familiar with the episode who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Many Americans will be shocked to learn that domestic terrorism did not start with lurid tales of Dick Cheney personally wiring WTC-7 with det-cord. There is a long history of it in the US. One could include the Boston Tea Party if one is so inclined, but Johnstons Archive starts with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln on April 14th, 1865. Rand describes domestic terrorism in this way:

Domestic terrorism involves violence against the civilian population or infrastructure of a nation—often but not always by citizens of that nation and often with the intent to intimidate, coerce, or influence national policy.

I went looking for lists of domestic terrorist groups in the US. The FBI has a list, but given the FBI could not find Parkland shooter Nickolas Cruz despite the wealth of tips and being the only person in Broward County with that name, or any evidence of Trump colluding with Putin to steal the 2016 election, I’m not so sure I trust their list. The Southern Poverty Law School’s list is beyond suspect, with its list being an act of domestic terrorism in and of itself. Listverse provides 10 groups across the spectrum, with the usual suspects. What ties the groups together is their shared philosophy. Even the so-called “right-wing” and “Christian” groups have only minute differences of thought and vision from so-called left wing and atheist groups. It’s the hell of micro-differences.

Homeland Security, after its weaponization against conservatives, military combat veterans and law-abiding citizens in 2009, provides some tips on domestic terrorism. A way to prevent terrorists is to harden the target. YOU ARE THE TARGET! Not schools, Marine barracks or baseball fields. The terrorist seeks to instill fear in your heart so they get their way. The Civilian Marksmanship Program is releasing 100,000 M1 rifles and up to 8,000 M1911 pistols. These will be sold after they go through inspection and rebuild as necessary. Terrorists very rarely strike hardened targets – that’s why the attack on 8th & I was surprising. While the press focuses on Trump’s tweets, there’s still a war going on.

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Busty Puller, USMC

Quelle surprise! But don’t worry gents, you can pack your lace doilies and the latest Esquire and be a smashing success too! One supposes combat has returned to a state akin to the First Battle of Bull Run, in which a fine bit of marching and a volley or two will send the enemy running, all before a picnic supper. The marines aren’t chesty anymore.

In the meantime, one wonders if the articles above are somehow connected to Mattis’s latest pronouncement?

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A Byzantine War Heats Up

From Michael Totten, America and the West’s premier war correspondent – the best since Ernie Pyle at least – an account of Russians and Americans fighting and killing each other.

You probably didn’t hear this because few media organizations have even mentioned it, but Russia committed an act of war against the United States a little more than a week ago. No, this is not about more social media and election shenanigans. Russia mounted an armed assault against American soldiers and our allies in Syria, including Kurdish security forces affiliated with the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, at a military base in the city of Deir Ezzor, the largest in eastern Syria. Russian combatants fought alongside Assad regime fighters and Shia militias armed, funded and directed by Iran.

I wonder if that Iranian funding is courtesy of our former President and his failed novelist- and bus driver-turned-national security advisors? Byzantine indeed.


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The Army Returning to Its Roots?

Interesting concept: train to the standard to meet the standard. Also calls to mind a corollary borrowed from JFK: don’t change the standard before learning why it was created in the first place.

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Creating an Arms Race

Not since America’s children contributed one penny to fund the building of six frigates has America’s naval capabilities been in such straits. Like those days, plenty of Americans recognize their peril and have begun to reclaim our great Nation from Obama’s unilateral disarmament.

In every service there are different schools of thought that usually reflect the competing missions of that service. In the Air Force, the Fighter Jocks run the show, despite the Air Force being responsible for space, nukes, and high-falutin‘ truck drivers for the Army, which does the fighting. The Navy has two schools: the sailors and the warriors. The CNO directed the new admiral in charge of surface warfare to ‚unite the clans.‘

Personnel is policy, and policy got skewed away from the primary, secondary, even tertiary purposes for our Navy. GAO’s list of high risks threatening this nation include DoD’s security clearance vetting process. I know other agencies can do the job in roughly 20% of the time, but hey – it’s a money thing. Each new investigator will cost America $1 billion each, if the Defense Logistics Agency audit is any indicator.

Donald Rumsfeld returned. Not in person, but the idea he championed to return America’s military to the second half of the XIX Century. That was a period in which generals in America’s unCivil War remained generals all the way through the Spanish-American War 33-35 years later. Welcome to a return to the world of the career Second Lieutenant! The Professional Private! Given how far off course the Political Correctness Movement has infected the military, it’s only a matter of time before we return to fully segregated ships and units. Who wants to have their life destroyed, not in combat, because eggs get broken making omelets, right?

There’s more important fish to fry – high technology sails on with or without regard to PC. Whomever sees first, understands first, and shoots first tends to win an engagement. To that end, the Chinese PLAN are going SkyNet. They’ll regret that, but it will give them an edge. In a report of good news, General Dynamics is reinvesting in ship building. Can’t wait!

Why is a functioning Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps important? It is no longer obvious, but without naval capabilities, there is no America. It is time get on with rearming America, and its Navy is the first, best place to begin.

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An American Civil War: the Role of Faiths and Religion

One aspect of a new American Civil War that we’ve touched upon very lightly is what the combatants believe in. In the Civil War of 1860-1865, both North and South were predominantly Protestant Christian, with Catholics, Jews, Muslims, pagans and atheists participating. The primary crisis of conscience centered on the theology of slavery. Slavery does exist in the Christian Bible and in the Septuagint. But, is slavery acceptable to God? Similarly, in a modern civil war, the primary crisis of conscience centers on the twinned questions ‚who is God?‘ and ‚what does it mean to be a god?‘ Answering those two questions informs behavior, and therefore the conduct of war. The history of the Twentieth Century informs us of the effects of faith and religion on warfare today.

American warriors are familiar with the Just War doctrine of Saint Augustine. Just War is divided into two parts: right to go to war, and right conduct in war. The first part is political and rightly should be the topic of debate. The second is, for Americans, a non-negotiable. The tenets of right conduct are: 1) the Principle of Distinction, which is recognizing who is and isn’t a combatant; 2) Proportionality, which is using just the right amount of force to achieve an objective; 3) Military Necessity; 4) Fair Treatment of Prisoners of War; and, 5) Not to employ any means of combat that are evil in and of themselves (“malum in se”), such as Tamerlane-like massacres of entire cities.

What we’ve seen on the Left is the joyful acceptance of the Doctrine of By Any Means. As the doctrine’s title says, any means to end is acceptable. “It’s only a fair fight if you’re buddy’s winning” is one way to think about it. For our purposes, we are not going to examine the nazis of Germany and the communists of the USSR, China and America. Instead we will look at Mexico in the time from 1924-1929. Most Americans don’t know Mexico’s history beyond Cinco de Mayo (created in an American bar, just like Saint Patrick’s Day) and Taco Bell (created in New Jersey. New Jersey people!).

An early hero of Mexico’s freedoms was Father Hidalgo. Executed by Spanish troops in 1811, Father Hidalgo and the Catholic Church were seen as pro-people, pro-freedom of conscience. With the introduction of the French, and their alleged Enlightenment (never have thoughts grown so dark as in the Enlightened Age), a virulent anti-Christianity was given structure. Following the execution of the so-called Emperor Maximillian in 1867, the first president of Mexico, Benito Juarez, as his first official act, confiscated (stole) the property of the Catholic Church in Mexico City.

The anti-Catholicism and anti-Christianity waxed and waned up through the troubles of the Mexican civil war of the early Twentieth Century. Mexican political leaders had three characteristics in common: they were Free Masons, anti-catholic, and corrupt. These characteristics, and America’s very-hard-won freedom of religion inspired an enduring, century-long exodus from Mexico, Central and South America to the United States. These characteristics were enshrined in the Mexican constitution of 1917. The long and the short of this constitution was that Catholics were not permitted to engage in essential rituals like receiving the sacraments and attending mass, to speak, to vote, to hold property. These denials of inalienable rights were ruthlessly enforced. By any means necessary.

In 1924, General Plutarco Elias Callez (pronounced Ki as in kite, yez – Ki-yez), was elected on a Bernie-Bros platform of redistribution of wealth and greater democratic reforms (and then founded what we know today as Mexico’s dominant political party, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Institucional, or PRI) which is a member of the Socialist International). Part and parcel of Callez’s socialist government was a rigid anti-Christianity which took the form of an extreme form of anti-clericalism. This resulted in some 17 states in Mexico not having any priests or churches. Even to speak in protest meant 5 years in prison. How very enlightened. With no brakes on the train of governance, Mexicans become even more oppressed.

Eventually, Catholic Mexicans had enough and revolted. The Cristero War was a bitter war which, like its Russian counterpart, and foreshadowing socialist military conduct in the Spanish Civil War and World War II, saw the Mexican army abandoning right conduct in combat and instead resorting to any means necessary. Massacres, mass rapes and other tactics were the rule for the socialists.

The Cristeros were supported by Irish patrons and the Pope (at least for a while). The Mexican government was supported by the United States (war is bad for business), and especially the Ku Klux Klan (funny how the KKK and socialists are always buddy-buddy, but in public they treat each other as the crazy uncle locked in the basement). The Cristero War ended with a peace brokered between Pope Pius XI (likely his Cardinal Secretary of State) and the American ambassador to Mexico, Dwight Morrow. To celebrate the new-won peace, Callez had a little under 7,000 leaders of the Cristeros executed.

In an American Civil War, the Left is dominated by Socialists. The history of Socialist conduct in war is bleak. Socialism is anticlerical, and by that standard where-ever there is no God, there is no mercy – whether Left of Right, and that leads directly to by-any-means conduct. By any means necessary is license to commit mass murder, rape, theft and other crimes without distinction between combatants and civilians (and permits crimes against one’s own supporters in the absence of enemies). Andersonville will be seen as the threshold, a ‚hold-my-beer‘ moment, in the treatment of POW. More importantly, freedom of conscience to be Christian or Jew will be a capital crime. This has been true in decade after decade of the Twentieth Century, and today’s Left is as militant in its anti-Christianity and anti-Semitism as at any time in history.

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New Uniforms Will Be Expensive

In case you knuckle heads who think that Pinks and Greens will be cool, let me highlight some facts, it is going to cost you a bunch of money, let me show you.

Pinks and Greens will require the following:

Pin On Rank for Officers

DUI pin on for officers and Enlisted

Brown Shoes

Brown Boots for the Airborne

Brown Socks

Sew on Rank for Enlisted

Brown Shoulder Boards for Officer and NCOs

New Headgear (both saucer cap, brown beret (unless the SMA wants to get rid of beret), and cunt cap (if beret goes the way of the dodo bird).

Sam Browne Belts (for Officers only enlisted will wear leather belt)


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