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Aircraft Carriers: A Brief Survey

Aircraft carriers are the monarchs of the sea, and arguably the third best strategic weapon  in the US arsenal, after nukes and little groups of paratroopers. Since the Russians, Chinese and Indians already have nukes and paratroops/Gurkhas, they have begun exploring the exciting world … Weiterlesen

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What Is Worth Conserving?

This year’s election season has been a wild one, with rhetoric slung about like a mastiff’s saliva shaken from its head. One word you’ve undoubtedly read and heard is „conservative.“ Usually the word is given as a pejorative, which is … Weiterlesen

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Divine Comedy: Savonarola Returns!

It sounds like a Hollywood comedy movie. Girolamo Savonarola and Saul Alinsky, meet in the present day and become joined at the mind, focused on the same target: a Roman Catholic Church that while weakened from scandal and corruption in … Weiterlesen

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Asking the right questions

In respect to the Hatch Act, I won’t link to the many articles covering emails with classified information. There is clearly two Americas, one that follows the law and the other that preys upon law-abiding folks. Something I’ve been waiting … Weiterlesen

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57 States?

When Mexico ceases to be its own country, which will happen in our lifetime, will each state within Mexico be a new American state, or part our southwestern border states? Is there anything about Mexico that isn’t already American?

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I Like Bands But. . .

The most disingenuous remark is this: “The people who think that limiting military bands to ceremonies and funerals is a good idea have no idea what we do,” he wrote. “We make Americans feel good about their military and their … Weiterlesen

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Worth Remembering

And maybe printing out and posting up wherever you can.

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