This blog is written by a bunch of graduates of the Virginia Military Institute.  We are a pretty eclectic group with our senior member being from the Old Corps, Class of 1976 and our youngest from the Class of 2012.  We have three Army Officers (two retired), a Marine, and a Sailor.  Two were Cavalryman, two were Artilleryman, and one a Submariner.  Like our military background we are very eclectic in our political views from Liberal to Conservative.  But one thing we have in common even our Liberal likes to shoot guns.  What we will write about will be the military, stupidity–political, military, and otherwise.

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  1. Kenneth Ayala '61 schreibt:

    I make up bumper stickers:
    America: Of the Elite By the Elite For the Elite


  2. kountrymama2012 schreibt:

    Are any of you willing to do an interview?


  3. Ray duffett '79 schreibt:

    I would love
    to hear from keydets of various ages and professions ! There were 5 of us that went through vmi together and fb has been a great vehicle to stay connected.
    Just finished a week long of patient care and surgery , meeting my brother (usna’81) tonite to watch duke vs unc ! Hope everyone had a great week.


  4. Len Riedel schreibt:

    You need a retired Air Force guy. I fit that bill. VMI 75 retired air traffic control officer


  5. Derek McCown schreibt:

    I miss the commentary, as we’re almost two months since the last post. I would be interested in any thoughts about the recent New Market Ceremony. It’s seems as if some pre-emptive watering down / dilution took place yesterday in the name of political correctness and anti-Confederate hysteria, and, as always, I would enjoy hearing what your thought are.


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