An American Civil War, Part II

Thank you to Davey, Dwayne Lunsford and MajW DC for their thoughtful comments on Part I of ‚An American Civil War.‘ This post is a response to those comments. There are some data points out there that should give one pause. These data points aren’t esoteric conspiracy theories being published broadly and aren’t just Leftist fever-dreams.

Last first: did Cadwaladr toss out click bait? Yes, though I’d characterize it more as chicken feed. A thought kernel here, such as the collapse of the international economy, and a thought kernel there for readers to do further research. Is an American Civil War click bait? I’ll be watching this site’s stats to see.

Dwayne Lunsford’s comment addressed the collapse of the America and international economies, and the strangling of internal and external cross-border logistics – a civil war is going to be a real bear. Let’s look at healthcare: personnel who provide it, medicine, and facilities and philosophy of life.

During our very unCivil War of 1860-1865, the 11 Secretaries of State of the states that seceded had to balance providing medical doctors for their combat forces (with the rank of Major or Captain of Cavalry), and medical stewards (equivalent to nurses and nurse assistants) and having enough medical doctors at home to keep the rest of the people healthy. Combine that with many of the medical doctors employed by the Confederacy were medical students, many from Northern medical schools who’d returned home. This equates to not enough, and not enough quality in the personnel.

America since 2010 has hemorrhaged medical doctors, and replaced them with nurses of various degrees as part and parcel of Obamacare. So many medical doctors opted to stop practicing instead of being herded into corporate healthcare ghettos that our current situation is reminiscent of pre-Renaissance Europe when barbers competed with hedge witches and earth mothers to provide surgical and pharmacological services.

Then there is the related question of ‚what to do with medical doctors who don’t support your side?‘ Do you shoot their families as incentive? Shoot them? For the Left and their allies, the so-called Alt-Right, the solution for material scarcity is kill off the young (like they do today in abortion), the old (euthanasia for thee, but not me sayeth the Democrat), the feeble and mentally handicapped (just like the Nazis did after Hitler was elected). And all those Catholic and Christianity-based Protestant healthcare workers? The Left will either have to compromise, or import medical doctors from countries that will support the Left, which may drive the quality of care down even further. For any group that wants to start an American Civil War, the question of adequate (in number and quality) medical personnel must be addressed in a non-trivial manner.

The philosophy guiding the Left is very anti-human, and frankly the issue of medical care will be determined by the color of one’s skin, personal wealth, and loyalty to the cause. Just as the question has been determined in every other country that lost its mind and engaged in civil war. There is no “Caritas in Veritate” or Westminster Catechism among the Left. There is a whole lot of worship of Chairman Mao, who after witnessing Hitler’s liquidation of 10 million humans in death camps and Stalin’s liquidation of 20 to 60 million humans told the world ‚hold my beer.‘

A good surgeon has education, experience, and effective tools of the trade. That means equipment and drugs. To have equipment one must have places that produce new tools such as scalpels, repair other tools, and to do it in quantities that support a military force in combat and the home front. That implies sources of supply free from the hell of logistics – and strategically, one side wins by screwing up the logistics of the other side. If one can’t get new, then either repair or doing without is the way to go. That implies chemicals to sterilize the tools.

So, where are those factories and repair/recycle shops located? Is the rebel force going to seize autoclaves from all the tattoo parlors around them? And what about the drugs? Davey makes a great point in looking around us and to history for clues on that score. In the unCivil War, Southern Medicine was complicated by our then-formidable US Navy.

At the outset of the struggle the question of drugs and medicines was third in importance, and the druggists of the South had either to manufacture what they could from native barks and leaves and herbs and roots, or purchase at the Southern ports such supplies as the blockade runners brought in that were not intended for the government.

For the folks out in Denver and Los Angeles, marijuana isn’t that medicinal. Where will the drugs come from at an affordable cost, and in quantities and quality that maintains both combat forces and home front? Victory gardens of echineacea, elderberry and other herbs to handle emergent diseases?

Which brings about the question of diseases. For both sides in an American Civil War, vaccines will be scarce, and with the Left’s indication that it will import foreign soldiers who will bring diseases from home along with them, a pandemic or series of pandemics similar to the Spanish Influenza is a very real possibility.

For anyone considering how an American Civil War would solve a lot of problems, and be a neat little adventure, grow up. War isn’t primal scream therapy. War can be fought purely to satisfy revenge, like the Germans did in WWII – inflicting destruction, chaos and disrupting culture into extinction. That is the goal of the Anarchists in America, and their more honest partners: socialists, communists and alt-right. We live in interesting times. If you want to be prepared, may I recommend medical aid courses from the Red Cross, and an herb garden?

Über DaveO

Retired soldier, micro-farmer, raconteur and pet owner from the great state of Oklahoma. Wandered in as a frequent commenter and have been enjoying blogging ever since.
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