Football Season

I’ve enjoyed exactly two football games this season. Not NFL games – I’ve been boycotting Roger Goodell & the Limousine Liberals for several years, and the protests by a bunch of millionaires who’s talents on the football field add nothing to society make my boycott all the more satisfying.

VMI had a PERFECT season. Lost every game. Lost big. Lost YUUUuugely. Simply amazing. I did make a passing remark that if the NCAA ever enforced that notion that student-athletes have to prove they are students, VMI would be ultra-competitive, maybe even get to the Big 10. But, if wishes were wings cows would be eagles.

No, I enjoyed just two football games this year. Army beat Navy (always a good thing) in a game that was reminiscent of trench warfare in WWI or the fight against General Mud in the slog up the boot of Italy in WWII. The game was complicated by becoming uncomplicated: driving snow stopped passes and prevented sweeping runs. Cold, wet conditions among men of equal talents brought out a game that was purely a game of heart.

The second game was the Armed Forces Bowl in which Army beat San Diego State. San Diego’s running back was as large size-wise as most of Army’s defensive line. He routinely dragged three or four Army players for a half dozen yards and came back the next play to do it again. But Army didn’t give up, not even once, and it was FOOTBALL.

I’d recommend VMI’s football team reflect on those two games. I’d recommend the coaching staff watch the games repeatedly. A winning season would be nice, and to be honest, winning even one game goes a long way. But not long enough. A winning season is winning more games than losses and ties. VMI’s Keydets have the stuff of it, so knock off the sh*t and get on with the game.

For the Alumni, a question. Which is more important in regards to VMI sports: pride, or fun?

Über DaveO

Retired soldier, micro-farmer, raconteur and pet owner from the great state of Oklahoma. Wandered in as a frequent commenter and have been enjoying blogging ever since.
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Eine Antwort zu Football Season

  1. vmi16 schreibt:

    I, for one, would be disappointed if VMI didn’t try to go for a second perfect season. There is a record out there for longest losing streak, VMI should not „do ordinary“ and try to win a game, they should try and beat that record!

    In all seriousness, VMI athletics has never been nor ever will be good, esp. in football. I think it is interesting that the two sports groups(?) that did well this year was club Rugby and boxing. Neither has a particularly large budget.


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