Monatsarchiv: November 2017

This Won’t End Well

The Army, having just court martialed Bergdahl, whose defense is mental illness, wants more Bergdahl by lifting the ban on recruiting people with diagnosed mental illnesses and behaviors. Just a thought, is this a screw to create a problem in … Weiterlesen

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From the Battlefield to Business Owner

With these entrepreneurs, I’d be worried about the sharks in the shark tank.

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When One Refuses to Be a Victim

One gets Irv Refkin, the accidental spy.

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Happy Birthday, VMI!

178 years old, today. I never paused to think about it, but I was around to see the 150th, and it’s not out of the question that I’ll see the bicentennial. Go celebrate.

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Class of 1990 adds two stars

Congratulations to my BRs Bill Bowers, USMC, and Dan Caine, ANG on their selection for promotion to Brigadier General. 90! 90! 90!

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Happy Birthday, Marines! And here’s an appropriate birthday present for all Marines– „Court Overturns Marine Sniper’s Conviction for Urinating on Dead Taliban Fighters“

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The Intellectual Quality of Terrorists

Angelo Codevilla considers the intellectual quality of terrorists. It’s an interesting essay on a puzzling conundrum.

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