DoD News: the Bad, the Good, and the Troubling

This is bad. This is very bad.

This is good: a lone man, visiting the freshest graves in Arlington.

This is troubling: two stories in which following one’s conscience requires not following a lawful order.

Given the timeline from alert to launch of nukes, is there time for the lawyers to get involved and argue whether or not the Commander-in-Chief would press the button? When the POTUS gives an order, is it correct for DoD to ignore it? It is good to have this moral examination – and at the same reassuring the world we will nuke them until the world glows. This article and its sisters may just be click-bait, but…

What I find of interest in this report is that the Bureaucracy moved Heaven & Earth to issue a waiver stating a sex-change operation “is medically necessary.” Given the suicide rates of people who undergo the full meal deal, isn’t this surgery a gross violation of the Hippocratic Oath, or a demonstration of the Hypocritic Oath – funded by you, Dear Reader.

Also funded by you: the eternal butthurt of a spying mind. The trouble with spies is the paradox between following a moral code that has boundaries that won’t be crossed, regardless, and not having boundaries whatsoever. You, your family, and the identities and money necessary to live in America today are mere collateral damage. I wonder if the nuclear launch codes are next?

Über DaveO

Retired soldier, micro-farmer, raconteur and pet owner from the great state of Oklahoma. Wandered in as a frequent commenter and have been enjoying blogging ever since.
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