VMI can be an extension of High School Immaturity

From time to time Halloween festivities get suspended at VMI.  13 years ago you’ll recall the Institute making national news over Nazi inspired wears.  Whether joking or not, there was no Halloween dressing up until I was in my extended 5th yearmanship.  I’m not sure what made the Commandant relax from the previous situation.  But I don’t think it was smart as it has most definitely become more relaxed since then.  To the point of the video seen here.

A couple of qualifiers here, the use of the term Cholo in proper context is not a slur.  It is in reference to Mexican Gangsters and Gang Bangers.  But here, I think one the Dykes, because the dykes are the ones dressing their Rats needed to use a different term for the slur he may or may not have desired to use.  At this juncture the videos in question have been shared on Facebook throughout the VMI community and have been shared with local news outlets.  So it’s out.

I don’t mind locals coming to trick or treat in barracks, it’s always fun to see the little ones in the VMI Cadet-like uniforms.  What annoys me however that the Commandant’s staff under two different Commandants has relaxed the rules and let things be more open here.  You give a cadet at VMI an inch, he/she won’t go a Mile, [s]he’ll go to Virginia Beach as long as he/she is back by taps.  So with that, I say, shut it down.

Über slater

Is a young Cavalry Officer on the Frontier.
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