Bergdahl, Russia, and Discipline

Leading off is a very incendiary editorial calling the Army’s treatment of members of SGT Bergdahl’s unit into question. I have to admit, what about this affair at that unit’s level required a Non-Disclosure Agreement with threats of punishment – threats the Army could back up? Like I said: incendiary. The NDA lend credence to the charges Bergdahl leveled in his defense: his battalion’s chain of command was so messed up that the sergeant felt it better to flee to another unit.

The next opinion purports to describe how NATO and Russia would fare in a war over the Baltics. It seems rather odd that the author takes an inordinate amount of space to assure readers that Russia has absolutely no designs over the Baltic nations‘ ports. Putin has proven himself attuned to Russia’s history and those seaports are definitely part of Russia’s history.

The last speech reminds us what happens when one goes to war with the Marines one has, and who know what they signed up for. Out of curiosity, were they awarded the Navy Cross? Was DON as disciplined as those two Marines?

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3 Antworten zu Bergdahl, Russia, and Discipline

  1. burkemblog schreibt:

    According to the Military Times‘ hall of valor, both Marines were awarded the Navy Cross.


  2. Phred schreibt:

    I’m curious as to whether you’ve heard any of the interviews with Bergdahl which constitute most of the Serial Season 2 podcast. His own „concerns“ sound like either post-hoc attempts at justification, or actual mental illness. (Paraphrasing, „I was afraid we’d be sent out on a suicide mission because of that time we got yelled at for not shaving, and that other time we got yelled at for not wearing our body armor.“) None of his unit members I’ve heard interviews from- on any site- echoed his concerns at all.


  3. DaveO schreibt:

    I haven’t heard of the contents of those interviews. What I have read, post-sentencing, is Bergdahl’s grasp on reality flickers. Having dealt with a mentally ill soldier, I wonder why his mates and CoC didn’t lock him down and chapter him. Bergdahl, his actions and the consequences on the unit are why the chapters exist.


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