Living with Pigs

I had a good vacation, the first since 2002. Two weeks of no computer, news feeds, and work intruding. I liked it so much I’m doing it again next month around Thanksgiving. You’re welcome! The title doesn’t refer to riding a Harley. Around here, a Harley is an RV. No, the title refers to pigs living in America.

Unless you get your news from the Disney media complex (Disney-CNN-HLN-ABC-NYT), NBC and its associated networks, you’ve read about Harvey Weinstein and his decades-long piggish behavior. That Weinstein was a pig isn’t what pissed me off. It’s that SO MANY HOLLYWOOD STARS and DEMOCRAT POLITICOS KNEW who Weinstein was doing, what he was doing, and kept their mouths shut because The Silence of the Hams meant millions of dollars, and awards like Oscars, BAFTA and Golden Globes – guarantees to future work – so long as the actress didn’t go conservative. Never go full conservative in Hollywood. Perhaps a movies about this entitled „The Hypocrisy of the Lambs“?

I don’t go to movies, and haven’t since 2015 when the Old Ranger and I went to see the premier of the seventh Star Wars movie. Hollywood is so corrupt that folks don’t even blink when the casting couch is mentioned.

Also acting like a pig is an Army Major General. I wonder how many soldiers‘ and officers‘ were ended by this pig for similar offenses? But he’ll get off with a reduction to Brigadier General and cushy retirement with requisite sinecure with a defense contractor.

Speaking of defense contractors, that biggest of hogs – the F-35 – is back in the news again. The plan now is to leave over 100 aircraft incapable of combat. Who’s getting rich? Who’s getting a job with the contractors after this pig farts?

Over on the civilian side, guess what folks?!

And for little piglets, learning to feed at the trough, we have the University of North Carolina. VMI, if it stays tied to honor, and even to education, will never be able to compete with professionals. But, truth be told, I’d rather have a VMI grad who can read, write, and sort out his bills and which baby-mama is his than these so-called “Professional” athletes and their college piglets.

West Point is certainly a hog farm these days. Who knew about the commie and why did they let him continue? And, how in the world does one get removed for ‚failure to adapt‘ by 1st Batt and then go to West Point? How many others are infected?

Lastly, because they are my favoritest of favorite jerks, the VA. A thought: most VA workers are not veterans. Why not require them to receive their medical care from the VA, too?

Seems when I go on vacation the assholery goes to stratospheric levels. Still, I highly recommend turning off the computer, the cellphone, and making a trip to the library for a good read under the open sky.

Über DaveO

Retired soldier, micro-farmer, raconteur and pet owner from the great state of Oklahoma. Wandered in as a frequent commenter and have been enjoying blogging ever since.
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5 Antworten zu Living with Pigs

  1. slater schreibt:

    My facebook feed is full of „Me Too“s and it pisses me off because they’re all democrats.


    • CooperEP schreibt:

      Finding the courage to say that someone was sexually harassed or assaulted is not a sign of left, right, or cowardice. In fact, it is an important step in finding some semblance of healing. I am not a liberal at all, and I can say with absolute conviction that I was almost assaulted in a park men’s room by a known pedophile when I was a boy. I escaped by luck because another person came in. It scared me, and I didn’t understand why until my parents helped explain it to me. #Me too


      • DaveO schreibt:

        CooperEP, this is not a left versus right issue, but Good versus Evil issue, all the moreso because Weinstein’s sexual predation is not the worst form that exists in Hollywood. That would be systemic, parent-pimped pedophilia.

        Of the Hollywooders and Dem operatives claiming #MeToo and knowledge of the cousting couch, how many stayed quiet? Until now that is, when it has become safe to say something?

        The big paychecks, lavish lifestyle, fame and above all getting the next job (Hollywood is 95% temp workers, including all cast and crew and support staff for movies and TV) to keep it going has proven strong enough reason to stay silent when a woman, man, or child are raped. But us ordinary Americans are sexist, bigoted homophobes because we are outraged by this and don’t treat our spouses and children this way.

        Hopefully, or cynically, perhaps some reform will come, but Hollywood will have to reconnect with America and its old values to effect that. I don’t know if its denizens want to change the system if they lose the perks.


      • slater schreibt:

        That’s disgusting, and for that I’m sorry. However, you missed my point, that this #metoo thing is purely in response to the fact that no one in Hollyweird or everywhere else for that matter seemed to care that they had a serial rapist slamming every starlet in the industry. Open secrets. So what does that say about the Men in the industry? That they are most definitely Males and not MEN.


  2. DaveO schreibt:

    What does that say about the Feminists who fed the rapacious beast? Or the parents and adults looking the other way as children were destroyed in exchange for the cash, coke and Corvette lifestyle? Hollywood won’t change.


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