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Vietnam by Ken Burns: a Review of Part 1

There’s a saying: “[w]henever text taken out of context there is a pretext.” In Part I of Ken Burns’s documentary on Vietnam, the text – what was presented to you – left out context. So, what is the pretext? I’m … Weiterlesen

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Friday Techday: a Game of Clouds

Most of you have heard about the latest outrageous computer hack – this time of Equifax. There is no database system that can’t be hacked, either from the inside or the outside. Information Security is a misnomer since no data … Weiterlesen

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Change in 16 Years

Lt. Col. P requested status on America on the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The status is not good. Opportunism and Evil became a virtue while Patriotism became the worst vice. The hippies and draft dodgers of the Vietnam … Weiterlesen

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RTD: „VMI leaders say military college will keep Confederate statues“

That stalwart, DRM89, sent in this fine piece of defiant good news: „Leaders of Virginia Military Institute said Tuesday that the school will keep its Confederate statues and consider adding more historical context in the aftermath of last month’s violent … Weiterlesen

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9/11 2017

16 years on. Where do we stand? Never forget. And never forget Benghazi, either. *** (Help received: UK Daily Express.)

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Headlines that make you go Huh?

Headline from an Associated Press story, “ „Vermont Guard finds elevated levels of PFCs in private well„

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Making Brisket of Sacred Cows

Lt. Col. P presented an article from Tom Mullen on Abraham Lincoln and the Confederacy and their relationship to the institution of slavery. It is an interesting read, if only for the last paragraph in which Mullen asks for a … Weiterlesen

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