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A Definition of Alt-Right

I came across a definition of Alt-Right by Joe Carter of the Acton Institute in his blog post „5 facts About the Alt-Right.“ It is a moderate read in terms of time, and worth your time.

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Port Means Left

Everyone who’s read my posts knows that I am no sailor. I don’t even own a yellow rubber ducky for the bathtub. But, having seen “Titanic” one time I figured out what happens when a steerable ship hits an object. Perhaps … Weiterlesen

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Ezekiel’s Confederate Monument at Arlington Now Under Fire

Sad, but true. A great man is now being „othered.“ (And we are too.)

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Can Virginia Military Institute Survive Without Its Core Identity?

Can Virginia Military Institute survive without its identity? The current hysteria over cleansing America of its statuary misses the point: one can not erase the past. It can be forgotten over time, but at some point an archaeologist will dig … Weiterlesen

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A Little Bit of History

One thing that has puzzled me over the last year is this new term “alt-right.” It seems to mean conservatives and small “L” libertarians that have abandoned losing with good grace. Since the media is controlled by the Left, they proclaim … Weiterlesen

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What Became of the Old Surplus Store?

What has become of that old standby, the surplus store? Or, the Army-Navy store, whatever you want to call it. For decades, the army-navy surplus store was the go-to place for individuals looking to find a good deal on products … Weiterlesen

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„Northam calls for taking down Confederate statues in Virginia and moving them to museums“

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, by way of the Roanoke Times. That’s Northam ’81, by the way. Would this mean the statues at VMI, as well? Picture what post would look like devoid of any image or reference to the Confederacy. … Weiterlesen

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