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„Space Force“

You knew this was coming: „House Defense Panel Would Create Space Force“. A House Armed Services panel intends to create a new fighting force called Space Corps within the Air Force to improve the U.S. military’s ability to address threats … Weiterlesen

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THIS JUST IN: Dried Lizard Penises From India Sold as Good Luck Charms

H I D E O U S . What kind of bad luck do you need to be having to resort to that extreme??

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Question: What Exactly Do We Want to Get Out of Syria?

In light of THIS. Maybe I’ve just lost the bubble. „A delicate couple of hours,“ indeed.

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Any day of the week ending in “Y”

Today’s outrage is the Left doubling down on blaming Representative Steve Scalise and the others for being shot by a man who, by his own account, was a reliable Brownshirt for the hard left. Our younger readers may not know … Weiterlesen

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The Alexandria Incident

Slater and DaveO and I were chatting for a bit this afternoon about the Alexandria Incident– sounds like the „Fashoda Incident,“ or the „Gulf of Tonkin Incident“– and I remembered this from the old WRSA site several years ago. Enjoy. … Weiterlesen

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You’re Already on a List

A tale from down-under about the best efforts of some folks to stay off someone’s radar. The best line from an otherwise depressing article? „Most Australians did not turn in all their guns during the infamous and mandatory Australian gun … Weiterlesen

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„Combat, Orders and Judgment“

Interesting companion piece to Tango 76’s Omaha Beach post last week. How often do we reward, in training, a good spot judgment that our subordinates made? How often were you rewarded for such a thing? Have we ever inserted a … Weiterlesen

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