Former 1ID CG, Wayne Grigsby demoted but one rank

Usually Col Hank will come in here and give this guy a reaming. The now BG Grigsby was just demoted for an inappropriate relationship with a female captain. As per the report on MSN he exchanged over 850 text messages with her during a ten month period.

And to the Army, every time you don’t snap the saber of and drum a FOGO (Flag Officer/General Officer) when they’ve done something like this you lose the trust of the Enlisted Corps.  The enlistedmen oft get punished and discharged for small infractions.  But as a retiring BG, Wayne Grigsby will still earn $75,000/year.  Doesn’t that blow your mind?

Über slater

Is a young Cavalry Officer on the Frontier.
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2 Antworten zu Former 1ID CG, Wayne Grigsby demoted but one rank

  1. vmijpp schreibt:

    You made a good point.


  2. burkemblog schreibt:

    Funny when you Google this guy how many other Army generals come up as also having zipper issues. I still think an example needs to be made that strips away all the retirement benefits as well as their pay from such folks–let them explain to their families how they just lost their TRICARE coverage, for example. Having worked for a serial adulterer who retired as an 06 (and is amazingly still married to the woman he cheated on repeatedly when we were in the same unit), I can’t cut these guys any slack–if you lie to your wife, you lie to everybody about everything.


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