Socially acceptable treason

The NYT-bestselling post mortem “Shattered” details where the narrative of Russia hacking the election came from. Spoiler alert: it was developed November 9, 2016, by Hillary and her campaign staff; and sold by an uncritical news media who’ve sold it every day since then. In all the garbage surrounding the subsequent marketing of Russia-as-villain (wow, have we come a long way since Teddy Kennedy), even to the extent CNN and MSNBC refused to cover the bombing in Manchester, UK until after they had finished the near-hourly sales pitch of the POTUS-Russia hacking collusion. For the purpose of this post, the Democrats‘ narrative is at best a hilarious fart of karma. At worst it presents the gravest threat to American existence  since Valley Forge.

America’s government is attacked daily. Some attacks are successful, but the overwhelming majority are blocked. In the battle of wits and technology, America wins more often than not, and won where it really counts for the good of the Nation. I say “won” because the bad guys haven’t won because of their own intelligence and new inventions but because America lost the human dimension to securing their information. America created its own demons by encouraging them to steal secrets and publish them in order to embarrass whomever the sitting POTUS is, and then we fete these insiders and their publishers as heroes when they are anything but.

There are four major hacking threads being conflated into one confusing story: the State Department, the National Security Agency, the Democrat National Committee, and of course the infamous Hillary Clinton homebrew email server. These seem similar and combined have a multiplicative affect on our national conversation on governance. The key similarity comes from an insider stealing information and publishing it for a reward.

The State Department hack came from one-each Progressive Hero Private Manning – now free and eligible for an Honorable Discharge and with free and ready access to all the privileges granted you, me and every MOH winner. Private Manning is a Progressive Hero for stealing several hundred thousand classified documents from DoD and State and giving them to WikiLeaks to publish. The side effect was every Progressive narrative on Iraq and Afghanistan were shown to be false, but the candor and information damaged America. Manning was feted as a Hero – ‚free Manning‘ posters were posted at the Metro stop for Arlington National Cemetery. Julian Assange, an avowed anti-America Aussie, was celebrated as a brave superhero for taking down the undefeated American military.

If Clayton Lonetree had only cut his balls off and worn a dress, he’d be a free man and given all the benefits of an Honorable Discharge as well. One of the interesting little factoids lost in the WikiLeaks publications was there was a number of non-government email addresses. Given that information, hackers such as Guccifer easily penetrated the email accounts of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Hillary-mentor Sidney Blumenthal, and… Hillary Clinton. Who hacked the 2016 election? Who couldn’t hack it given the straight line from Private Manning to Hillary’s personal email server.

The NSA hack came from Libertarian-Progressive Hero Edward Snowden, and then by a group calling itself “Shadow Brokers,” who auctioned off the tools behind the 100-nation cyber-attack. Snowden used the execrable anti-American Glenn Greenwald as his mouthpiece, peddling the story to the WaPo and whomever would buy it. I wonder why these heroes always have to go to hardcore America-haters to get their message out? As an aside, the hack into hospitals and turning of vehicles and household appliances into malevolent robots should have killed the idea of the Internet of Things. Snowden is a hero. No doubt about it. His information confirms the insider leak to the New York Times who published a story on the core of the NSA spying apparatus. James Risen, Eric Lichtblau and Judith Miller went to jail to protect their insider sources. This prompted Congress to pass another Whistleblower Protection Act, which was subsequently jettisoned in January 2009. I do expect the Act to be resurrected now that a Republican is POTUS. The twin hacks of the NSA provided America’s enemies with both the targets and the tools to hack.

There is an argument to be made that America, being overtly evil in all it is and does, brought this on itself. I don’t disagree that utter depravity fuels the attacks, and I don’t disagree that America brought it on itself because we celebrate esoteric governance information. We call it leaks and whistleblowing when the information confirms our biases, and hacking and espionage and treason when it damages our security and upsets our notions. When members of Congress released information damaging to then-POTUS Bush 43, the Left was cool because Bush had stolen the election in the Supreme Court. Anything to damage Bush 43 was acceptable, regardless of the collateral damage.

Most of our younger readers may not recall L’affaire Plame, in which the leaker, Colin Powell’s deputy Richard Armitage, was celebrated while the Vice President’s Chief of Staff, Lewis Libby went to prison for not having anything to do with it. But it was an attack by Powell to take down the Vice President, Dick Cheney, which was a proxy attack on Bush 43, so the Left was cool with the guilty party escaping punishment. An insider giving away state secrets was celebrated, so why wasn’t there an expectation that some day an insider would give away the Left’s most-guarded secrets?

Seth Rich. His is a story you won’t find in the Leftist news media. Is this a case of snitches get stitches, or in Rich’s case 2 bullets in the back? This rather decisive yet fabulously coincidental means of sealing a leak will permeate the Left and encourage a bit less principled heroism.

When Private Manning truly got the hacking ball rolling in 2009, Obama was POTUS but Iraq was still Bush’s War, so the theft and subsequent marketing of state secrets were hailed by the Left. That myopic focus on hurting America permitted a lot of very disgruntled insiders to weigh their bets and decide that espionage against America is a great and wonderful thing, and it pays well in fame, and the punishment is 3-hots & a cot for just a little while. Who hacked the 2016 election? The Democrats did, beginning with their loss in December 2000 and their desire for revenge which culminated in a hilarious karmic fart of mainstreamed, socially acceptable treason.

Über DaveO

Retired soldier, micro-farmer, raconteur and pet owner from the great state of Oklahoma. Wandered in as a frequent commenter and have been enjoying blogging ever since.
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