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From Europe to Asia

After you’ve read Lt. Col. P’s post on the future of warfare in Europe, consider these opinions concerning future warfare in the Pacific – sure to drive the isolationists crazy! 355-ship Navy Days of N. Korea’s Kim are Numbered: Defector North … Weiterlesen

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A short read, and interesting. What say you?

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Anarchy and America

America is  at war with itself and gave itself the legal means to kill itself. Unlike some of the Right, I do sympathize with the Leftists whose canonical beliefs in the veracity of the Press and in the absolute evil … Weiterlesen

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VMI in the Inaugural Parade

Sent to me by the great Palehorse-6, of the United States Marines. HEARD. FROM. TO-DAY. Plus, Gen Mattis and Gen Kelly get confirmed?? I think I need a cigarette.

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The Baton Is Passed

Congratulations Mr. President. You are now responsible for everything done and not done under your command. Your next day off is January 20th, 2021 or 2025. Again, congratulations! Now get to work.

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US Army Goes SIG!

Army goes full SIG, selecting the P320 for the new service pistol. (And we are pleased to highlight COL Hank’s remarkable prescience on the subject.) I wonder if the Marine Corps will follow suit…

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Motorist Saves the Life of an Arizona State Trooper

Did you see this in the news earlier in the week? It appeared in several outlets, and while it had the basics and the heart-warming story line– good guy with gun shows up and kills bad guy doing bad things– … Weiterlesen

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